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Yeager Colony
(Registry Assigned Starship: NCC-71832-A, USS Odyssey)

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Position Rank Name Race
Commanding Officer Captain Jeff Jalando 1/2 Betazoid,
1/2 Bajoran
First Officer VACANT
Second Officer VACANT
Assistant CONN/Helmsman VACANT
Chief of Operations VACANT
Assistant Chief of Operations VACANT
Operations Officer Ensign Samantha Grace SPC Human
Shuttlebay Manager Senior Chief Petty Officer F. Lee Bane SPC Human
Quartermaster Petty Officer Second Class Grom hel Skrim NPC Tellarite
Security/Tactical Chief Lieutenant Commander Samantha 'Sam' Bailey Human
Assistant Security/Tactical Chief VACANT
Security Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Jyll Tana SPC Bajoran
Security Officer Ensign Tyler Kraft SPC Human
Chief Engineering Officer VACANT
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer VACANT
Engineering Officer Ensign Emorie 'Pix' Tilden SPC Human
Engineering Officer Ensign Gara Clement SPC Human
Engineering Crewman VACANT
Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Candras Kyalda SPC Betazoid/
Assistant Chief Medical Officer VACANT
Head Nurse VACANT
Nurse Lieutenant Junior Grade Zoey Quinn SPC Human/Betazoid
Chief Counsellor VACANT
Counsellor VACANT
Chief Science Officer VACANT
Assistant Chief Science Officer VACANT
Science Officer Lieutenant Emily Watson SPC Human
Science Officer Lieutenant Jomorr SPC Ullian
Judge Advocate General
JAG Officer Lieutenant Claire Gideon SPC Human
Starfleet Intelligence
SFI Officer Commander John Wilson Human
Colony Administrator N/A Vasa SPC Hekaran
Civilian Commander Ambrose Steven Harris SPC Human
Civilian N/A Dr. Tavish 'Tav' Pottinger SPC Human
Civilian N/A Taarel SPC Vulcan
Scientist N/A Professor Milaz SPC Denobulan

The pips were originally created by Steven Marriott for the Tango Fleet PBE-RPG.

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