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StarTrek Frontier Fleet

Position Rank Name Race Dutystation
Fleet Commander Fleet Admiral Farah Khatibi NPC Human Pandora Station
Academy Commandant Rear Admiral Robert 'Bob' Baine SPC Human Starfleet Academy
Commanding Officer Captain Dawn Summers Human USS Calhoun
Commanding Officer Captain Jeff Jalando 1/2 Betazoid,
1/2 Bajoran
Yeager Colony
Commanding Officer Captain Seth Kane SPC Human Pandora Station
Commanding Officer Captain X'ok PaRel Klingon/Vulcan USS Pathfinder
First Officer Commander Nathalia Nerell Trill USS Pathfinder
Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Yul Kayunde SPC Human Pandora Station
Yeoman Lieutenant Commander Zachary Alexander Davis SPC Human USS Calhoun
Liaison Officer Lieutenant Commander Allison Saylor SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Yeoman Ensign Rhapsody Waters SPC Human/el-Aurian Starfleet Academy
Yeoman Chief Petty Officer Alicia Warros SPC Andorian USS Pathfinder
Prototype AI N/A Virt NPC Artificial
Pandora Station
CONN/Helmsman Lieutenant Commander Emile G. Schofield Human USS Pathfinder
Helm Officer Lieutenant Jack Callahan SPC Human USS Calhoun
Assistant CONN/Helmsman Lieutenant Junior Grade Karissa Emmerich SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Helm Officer Ensign Michelle "Mickie" Brewster SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Chief of Operations Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Edward Ditch III Human USS Pathfinder
Assistant Chief of Operations Lieutenant Dacs Helfrump Human USS Pathfinder
Assistant Chief of Operations Lieutenant Junior Grade Richard Elliot Tyler SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Operations Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabelle Rowsey SPC Human Pandora Station
Operations Officer Ensign Samantha Grace SPC Human Yeager Colony
Quartermaster Master Chief Petty Officer Henry Wyatt SPC El Aurian USS Pathfinder
Shuttlebay Manager Senior Chief Petty Officer F. Lee Bane SPC Human Yeager Colony
Quartermaster Petty Officer Second Class Grom hel Skrim NPC Tellarite Yeager Colony
Security/Tactical Chief Lieutenant Commander Samantha 'Sam' Bailey Human Yeager Colony
Security/Tactical Chief Lieutenant Hanya Jaal SPC Joined Trill Pandora Station
Security/Tactical Chief Lieutenant Stacey Summers Human USS Pathfinder
Assistant Security/Tactical Chief Lieutenant Jamie deBont SPC Human/Trill Pandora Station
Assistant Security/Tactical Chief Lieutenant Junior Grade Christopher Andrew Dwyer SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Security Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Jyll Tana SPC Bajoran Yeager Colony
Security Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Sheryl Bailey SPC Human USS Calhoun
Security Officer Ensign Adrian Rufus Tanner SPC Human USS Calhoun
Security Officer Ensign Mort'ugh SPC Klingon USS Pathfinder
Security Officer Ensign Sarah Price SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Security Officer Ensign Solok SPC Vulcan Pandora Station
Security Officer Ensign Triss sh'Rinda SPC Andorian USS Pathfinder
Security Officer Ensign Tyler Kraft SPC Human Yeager Colony
Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Commander Glarus Gnalish USS Pathfinder
Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Mphilo Morabulu SPC Human Pandora Station
Engineering Officer Lieutenant Chris Su SPC Human USS Calhoun
Engineering Officer Lieutenant Edith Anthony Patel SPC Human/Napean USS Pathfinder
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Wixx SPC Talaxian USS Pathfinder
Engineering Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Durka Talia SPC Bajoran USS Pathfinder
Engineering Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Suri Demone SPC Human Pandora Station
Engineering Officer Ensign Dallas Matthews SPC Human USS Calhoun
Engineering Officer Ensign Emorie 'Pix' Tilden SPC Human Yeager Colony
Engineering Officer Ensign Gara Clement SPC Human Yeager Colony
Chief Engineering Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Christopher Grace the 9th SPC Human USS Calhoun
Engineering Crewman Petty Officer First Class Harriet Axleby SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Engineering Crewman Petty Officer Second Class Gnone Sahlpass SPC Bajoran Pandora Station
Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Jessica Truesdale Human USS Pathfinder
Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Candras Kyalda SPC Betazoid/
Yeager Colony
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Alexia Leal SPC Trill USS Calhoun
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Threnn Vok SPC Andorian USS Pathfinder
Chief Counsellor Lieutenant Shikar Helena SPC Bajoran Pandora Station
Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Naomi Mae-Sing SPC Human Pandora Station
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade David Fletcher SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Medical Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Jordan Reid (Harris) SPC Human Betazoid USS Pathfinder
Medical Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Isamu Katayama SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Nurse Lieutenant Junior Grade Zoey Quinn SPC Human/Betazoid Yeager Colony
Counsellor Lieutenant Junior Grade Jemmi Stenson SPC Betazoid USS Pathfinder
Counsellor Lieutenant Junior Grade Linda Lando SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Medical Officer Ensign Gregory Maison SPC Human USS Calhoun
Medical Officer Ensign Zinoviy Aranov SPC El-Aurian Pandora Station
Xenologist Ensign Karol Underhill SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Xenologist Ensign Lester Moore SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Counsellor Ensign Krolt Haivurz SPC Vulcan/Betazoid USS Pathfinder
Counsellor Ensign Za'cijimaa SPC Orion USS Pathfinder
Head Nurse Petty Officer First Class Cai Vong SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Emergency Medical Hologram N/A Marcus Sedecim SPC Hologram USS Pathfinder
Emergency Medical Hologram N/A The EMH NPC EMH (Mark IV) USS Calhoun
Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Melissa Kinnard Human USS Pathfinder
Science Officer Lieutenant Emily Watson SPC Human Yeager Colony
Science Officer Lieutenant Jomorr SPC Ullian Yeager Colony
Assistant Chief Science Officer Ensign Rusit SPC Nizhrak’a
USS Pathfinder
Science Officer Ensign Anita Schofield SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Science Officer Ensign Conyas 'Jack' Norman SPC Xenexian Pandora Station
Science Officer Ensign Hequill SPC Cairn USS Calhoun
Archaeology & Anthropology Officer Ensign Jerris SPC Novan (Terra
Nova Human)
USS Pathfinder
Archaeology & Anthropology Officer Ensign Susan Watson SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Stellar Cartography Crewman Sally Simpson SPC Human Pandora Station
Science Officer Cadet (1st year) Dr. Tren SPC Romulan Pandora Station
Judge Advocate General
JAG Officer Commander Isabel Djesco SPC Betazoid Pandora Station
JAG Officer Lieutenant Claire Gideon SPC Human Yeager Colony
Starfleet Intelligence
SFI Officer Commander John Wilson Human Yeager Colony
SFI Officer Lieutenant Commander Matuga Denebris Human USS Pathfinder
Chief Instructor Captain Sedaq NPC Vulcan Starfleet Academy
Chief Instructor Commander Vivienne Creenan El-Aurian Starfleet Academy
Operations Instructor Lieutenant Dorvan Lar Joined Trill Starfleet Academy
Counselling Instructor Lieutenant Yasmin Shore Human /
Starfleet Academy
Instructor N/A Fanny McNee SPC El-Aurian USS Pathfinder
Cadet Cadet (1st year) Keiri Rojineko Human Starfleet Academy
Civilian Captain Edward Luther SPC Human Pandora Station
Civilian Captain Jennifer Su SPC Human (one
USS Calhoun
Civilian Commander Ambrose Steven Harris SPC Human Yeager Colony
Civilian Commander Bunker Briggs SPC Human Pandora Station
Civilian Lieutenant Luke Callahan Human USS Calhoun
Civilian Ensign Ray Callahan SPC Human USS Calhoun
Civilian Senior Chief Petty Officer Julia Michelle Lang SPC Human USS Calhoun
Federation Ambassador Ambassador Diana von Klinkerhoffen SPC Human Pandora Station
Federation Ambassador Ambassador Kregel SPC Klingon Pandora Station
Colony Administrator N/A Vasa SPC Hekaran Yeager Colony
Civilian N/A Ainsley Cluff SPC Human Pandora Station
Civilian N/A Bart SPC Hologram USS Pathfinder
Civilian N/A Christopher Edward Stevens SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Civilian N/A Dr. Tavish 'Tav' Pottinger SPC Human Yeager Colony
Civilian N/A Ejaara SPC Denobulan USS Pathfinder
Civilian N/A Erida and Ysira SPC Unnamed
USS Pathfinder
Civilian N/A Grytta SPC Ferengi USS Calhoun
Civilian N/A Hol NPC Hologram
Starfleet Academy
Civilian N/A Jan MacInnis SPC Human USS Calhoun
Civilian N/A Jiaolong Quinn SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Civilian N/A Lil'ana Schofield SPC Xenexian USS Pathfinder
Civilian N/A Myo Timmit SPC Zaldan Pandora Station
Civilian N/A Nivas Belin SPC Bajoran Pandora Station
Civilian N/A Nylok SPC 'Vulcan' Pandora Station
Civilian N/A Pearl Schofield SPC Human USS Pathfinder
Civilian N/A Sahar Khatibi SPC Human Pandora Station
Civilian N/A Taarel SPC Vulcan Yeager Colony
Civilian N/A Thomas Green NPC Human Starfleet Academy
Civilian N/A Wahlis SPC Trill Pandora Station
Civilian N/A Yalon Marg SPC Yridian Pandora Station
Civilian N/A Yllione M'Tress SPC Caitian Pandora Station
Bartender N/A Marc Vale SPC El-Aurian /
USS Pathfinder
Scientist N/A Professor Milaz SPC Denobulan Yeager Colony

The pips were originally created by Steven Marriott for the Tango Fleet PBE-RPG.

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