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Starfleet Personnel Record for Linda Lando
Name: Linda Lando
Age: 45
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Position: Counsellor, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1m 68
Weight: 71 kg
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
Linda usually takes care of her appearance. After all, with her job, (being a counsellor,) it's not wise to talk to patients while having your face covered with dirt. She doesn't put up excessive make-up or anything: she likes herself to be shown without masking her flaws.
Linda was born in Italy, on Earth. She was raised by a Starfleet Family, with both her parents being officers in the fleet. Her great-grandmother had even been an admiral! Before she died, that was. The pressure for Linda to go to the Academy was great... but thank goodness she passed.

When she was at the Academy, she met a wonderful young man, named Horatio Lando. It was love at first sight. However, there was a problem. Horatio was *not* in Starfleet: he was a civilian. So when Linda graduated, and got assigned to a vessel, she was afraid she'd never see Horatio again.

She was wrong. Horatio showed her how much she loved her, by going with her. And of course, by asking Linda to marry her... to which she, obviously, said yes.

Her life, together with Horatio, hasn't been easy at times. One of the tougher spots was in 2387, when their child Carrie, at the age of 12, got assimilated on their schooltrip. Linda thought she'd never get over it... but with the help of therapy, she did. However, she changed after that. She knew that things wouldn't last forever... and that moments had to be exploited to the fullest.

When Carrie returned from the Borg four years later, at stardate 2391.04,25, Linda couldn't believe it at first. It took her a few days to realise that her child was back again... back from the dead, she thought. This had made quite some impact on her. In the years that followed, she guided Carrie in her quest to individuality as much as she could... but it quickly became clear that while Carrie was growing as an individual, Linda would never again regain the little girl that had been assimilated. Carrie had changed too much.

Linda's career took her from ship to ship, and her family moved with her. Right now, she's serving as a counsellor at Yeager Colony.
Psychological Profile
Linda is a friendly woman. Always patient, caring for others, and usually, her smile brightens the day of everyone coming by. Still, she can be angry at times, especially when she's just having a bad day. The kids have often seen that, if they haven't cleaned their room, or if they once again told the computer to replicate French fries instead of, let's say, carrots.

Linda can also get tied up in other people's problems sometimes... which makes relaxing at home more imporant...
Specialties and Skills
Linda Lando has specialised herself in 2 areas, when she was in the Academy: Helm, and Counselling. Because she is a loving, caring person with lots of patience, she has switched from the Helm department on the Valkyrie, to the Counselling department. It took some getting used to, but she finally grew into this position. She still misses flying at times, but helping others makes her feel much better about herself than flying ever could.
Hobbies and Interests
Skating. Ice skating, actually. She loves doing that, especially with the whole family. Also, she loves to simply read a good book, in silence.
Linda was born in 2353, March 2nd.

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