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Starfleet Personnel Record for Dr. Tren
Name: Dr. Tren
Age: 140
Race: Romulan
Gender: Male
Position: Science Officer, Pandora Station
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: White
Height: 6ft
Weight: 165
Played by: Richard


Physical Appearance
Tren is common in appearance for a Romulan, his build is thin but well defined. Despite his advanced years he has no grey hair and still appears in his mid thirties.
Not much is known of the early years of Tren, his federation file begins when he requested political asylum in the Federation. Tren acted as a member of the civilian science community but was exiled after his outspoken critic of the Romulan Star Empire and his call for reunification with Vulcan. After 5 years of debriefings and assessments it was understood that Tren was legitimate with his claims of asylum and he was granted residence in the UFP.

After 5 years living on Earth Tren made his formal request to join Starfleet. His initial request was denied based on lack of a command sponsorship. Tren made his way to an outlaying science colony and entered as a civillian. After 5 years of working under constant watch, Tren made his request to join starfleet once more.

His 3rd request was approved and he entered Starfleet academy, After a short time in the academy he was commissioned in Starfleet graduating at the head of his class. Due to the continued concerns of command, Tren agreed to be posted without rank, thus holding no access to secure information due to the security concerns.
Psychological Profile
Report of Starfleet Medical,

Limited success in psychologically screening subject seems impervious to standard psychological testing. Subject proceeded to psychoanalyse Councillor and make suggestions how they might be helped. Suggested new range of tests to gage legitimacy of asylum claims, passed to Doctor Rhia Len.

Report of Doctor Rhia Len,

Subject is difficult to engage with responding to most questions with limited responses. Attempted to engage on various approaches all which proved fruitless, employed use of empaths and telepaths both groups were unable to read subject suggests training outside of civilian employment despite claims of the subject to be a civilian scientist. However impossible to prove or disprove to a high degree of certainty due to lack of evidence. Suggest further testing.
Specialties and Skills
To his claims Tren is a PHD in Xenobiology and Quantum Psyics. No evidence has been provided of this however during his Starfleet training he graduated head of his class in Science.
Hobbies and Interests
None noted.

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