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Starfleet Personnel Record for John Wilson
Name: John Wilson
Age: 30
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Position: SFI Officer, Yeager Colony
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Height: 6Ft
Weight: 15 Stone
Played by: Richard


Physical Appearance
John is average build and has no distinguishing features. Being from a military background john has ensured he is in the best possible physical condition.
John was born to Claire and Andrew Wilson on the USS London. Ryan was TAC/SC and Claire Tactical officer. All through our his life John was raised with joining the service planned for him.

The eduction aboard the fleet was standard for Starfleet brats, there was no real activities of note until his 16th Birthday when the USS London was destroyed in a attack by raiders. During that attack John lead a group of school children to the escape pods. In the process Robin Gideon John's best friend was killed. John still blames himself for Robin's death.

In this attack his mother was killed and John and his father relocated to a deep space vessel. He never spoke to Claire Gideon for 10 years after the event and it made the young John Wilson change his stance on his career prospects. He had never been a studious child before but he became very interested in eduction and strove to live for Robin who had always planned to become a officer. John would have been content to be a NCO but now he had the driving force behind his every action.

During Starfleet academy John was focused but stuggled with some parts of his training. Particulary he found space flight difficult to master and his engineering ability is lacking beyond the simplest of requirements. His enterance to security was following in his fathers footsteps and one that meant is need to protect others could be satisfied.

On arrival at the USS Odyssey the STC was recalled to Earth so John had to fill in. As a fresh Ensign he was put in the situation of a hunter incursion on the colony. Under orders the young Ensign was dispatched to their crashed vessel and as he searched the ship he lost two members of the team. By the end of the mission the colony was secured but Ensign Wilson had the guilt hanging over him once more of a member of his team was gone.

2392.09.04 - Entered into Starfleet Academy - Personal tutor Lieutenant Lar
2394.03.16 - Transfered to Commander Creenan's tutor ship
2396.11.14 - Stationed to USS Odyssey as assistant Security and Tactical chief
2397.01.19 - Promoted to Lieutenant Jnr Grade and Chief of Security
2397.12.10 - Promoted to Lieutenant Snr Grade and Second Officer
2398.07.14 - Acting CO USS Daring
2398.07.30 - Promoted to Lt.Cmdr and FO of USS Odyssey
2399.01.01 - Reassigned to Strategic Operations Earth
2399.01.12 - Promoted to Commander - Acting CO USS Odyssey
2399.11.11 - Reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence
2400.01.01 - Resigned from Starfleet
Psychological Profile
There is no current issues of note.
Specialties and Skills
Trained in hand to hand combat to advanced level

Counter terrorism training

Advanced firearms training

Academy notes - Failed warp theory - Advised not to be allowed to pilot Starships or any vessel over shuttle size.
Hobbies and Interests
John is a keen reader and chess player

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