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Starfleet Personnel Record for Hol
Name: Hol
Age: 30
Race: Hologram (Human)
Gender: Male
Rank: N/A
Position: Civilian, Starfleet Academy
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1m79
Weight: 0 (photons !)
Played by: Adrian Rodd


Physical Appearance
Hol is dressed very formally, but this is a striking contrast with his wild red hair and constant loofy grin. His eyes are slightly too pale, and to some people this makes him seem a bit mad. He wears a Starfleet combadge.
Hol is a hologram, but he is aware of this. His creator was Dwark, a Ferengi, who also created the holographic bar which used to be the usual background setting to Hol's program. Before dying, Dwark gave Hol his freedom, and the hologram decided to take himself and his holographic bar to a Starfleet station. He claims to have been first activated many years ago and to have seen countless worlds and aliens beyond a Human's imagination. How much of this is true, nobody knows. Mainly, he just tells these stories to impress the cadets of Starfleet Academy.
Hol now works for Kwack, but his holographic bar is one of the possible programs in the station's holodecks or the bar's holosuites.
Psychological Profile
Hol is a friendly guy, whose only aim in life seems to be to make sure that everyone has a good time. Those who get to know him usually consider him a friend, despite the fact that he is 'only' a hologram. The only thing which can make him angry is when someone shuts off his program suddenly. Some people consider that he isn't a 'real' person, but Hol doesn't really care.
Hol's personality traits are sometimes close to those of a Ferengi.
Specialties and Skills
Hol is a bartender. The holographic bar he uses when possible contains food and drink replicators programmed by Hol himself. But Hol has also enhanced his programming with the basic programs used by EMHs and EEHs (Engineering Holograms.) This allows him to teach the cadets a thing or two in medical or engineering if they ask him, and it makes him useful to the Academy.
Hobbies and Interests
Hol rarely leaves the bar, which is mainly due to the fact that he can't go anywhere where there are no holoprojectors. Although he often dreams of travelling again, he seems perfectly happy in the bar. Hol likes to play table-tennis, and there is always a ping-pong table in the corner of the bar. He also plays drok'jal, a Betazoid game which involves juggling with as many balls possible while trying to snatch those of another player.
Hol rarely uses the bar which was created with his program, but as his matrix functions independantly from its normal setting, this isn't a problem. The holographic bar contains two holosuites (holodecks within a holodeck !). The other holograms working in this bar are not aware that they are holograms. Amongst them are many different musical bands, which Hol activates on clients' request.

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