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Starfleet Personnel Record for Adrian Rufus Tanner
Name: Adrian Rufus Tanner
Age: 32
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Position: Security Officer, USS Calhoun
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Skin Color: White
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 167 lbs
Played by: Benjamin Ditch


Physical Appearance
An average looking man wearing a blonde crew cut.
Adrian was born on January 21st 2369 to a civilian engineer and a Starfleet security officer on Utopia Planitia Station in the orbit of Mars. Raised on that station, he grew a fondness for the red planet, and, at the age of twelve, he vowed to spend his dying days there.

As soon as he was eighteen, he was encouraged by the other officers on the station to join Starfleet. However, he did not want to spend four years as a cadet, as he felt he wanted to see the stars as soon as possible, and so, enlisted as a crewman.

After a standard six month training course, Adrian was assigned to the USS Balaclava as a security crewman, where he served with distinction. However, following an incident, in which his away team leader suffered a nervous breakdown and attempted to kill an alien diplomat, he had to assume command and led the team safely off the planet.

For this, the captain encouraged him to apply for Starfleet Academy, believeing he was officer material.

After a standard four year tenure at the Academy as a cadet, he graduated as a 72nd percentile and was assigned to the USS Calhoun as a security officer.

In the final stages of the Sident Crusade against the Federation, Adrian received grievous injuries. He spent three months in recovery at Starfleet Medical and another three with his family on Mars before returning to duty.

He continued serving aboard the USS Calhoun all through her refit. However, during a routine physical, it was discovered that he had suffered an undiagnosed brain injury during the war, As a result, his motor function was impaired and, as a result, could not continue as a security officer. Face with a dillemma of continuing in the Fleet in another department or resigning altogether, he ultimately chose the latter, feeling that he was no longer capable of performing to the best of his capability.
Psychological Profile
Adrian is a somewhat reserved individual who normally keeps himself to himself. He has made several attempts at engaging in social conversations but have not been successful.

His recent departure from Starfleet has left him somewhat depressed with no idea of what avenue to take for the future.
Specialties and Skills
He was once a keen marksman with a Type IV Compression Rifle, but following his brain injury, this talent has now deteriorated. Has a small amount of Engineering knowledge due to his spending some of his childhood at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.
Hobbies and Interests
Reading old-fashioned novels, painting, rock climbing and basketball.
Adrian is a superstitious man, he would need encouragement to partake in certain activities, such as climbing ladders and staircases with 13 steps. He fears that doing this would bring him bad luck.

2395.10.14 - Assaulted Ensign Christopher Dwyer following an argument. Sentenced to three days in the Brig.

2399.02.16 - Awarded Sident Crusade Campaign Ribbon for participation in combat operations.

2400.06.01 - Resigned from Starfleet following discovery of an undiagnosed brain injury.

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