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Starfleet Personnel Record for Sarah Price
Name: Sarah Price
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Position: Security Officer, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Reddish- Brown
Skin Color: White
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Played by: Kelley Mackinnon


Physical Appearance
Sarah's first appearance aboard the Calhoun is one of malnourishment and unkemptness, her hair so matted and in tangles it was hard to even determine the strands. She was so filthy she was almost unrecognizable. However when cleaned up her hair is long and thin but her body and face still very thin and drawn.

Before her time on the Courageous Sarah was a young vibrant woman who prided herself on who she was and her Star Fleet uniform. She is pretty much back to form thanks to help from Captain White.
Sarah's oldest and most fondest memory is her parents, and being in thier loving arms. However when she was just five years old her parents were killed and she was sent to live in Green Gables Estates has an orphan. She has never really looked into her family history except for the fact that her father was a security Chief and her mother a science officer aboard the USS Troy.

As Sarah grew she took on several responcibilities in the home and found herself as the "big sister" to several of the children there. Everyone that knew her though for sure she would be a counselor. The move to security was a surprise for everyone.

She joined Star Fleet when she was eighteen and excelled. Her instructor could see great things for her. Her leadership capabilities were well beyond her years. She was head of her class two years in a row. In her third year she was given a six month assignment to the Courageous where she served under Captain Anne White. She was with the ship when is was suck into a "vortex" and stuck around a planet, fighting for survival with several other ships in the area.

She bonded with White and considered her akin to a mother. They were unseperable until Sarah decided that she was not going to attack and loots ship unprovoked. She was dismissed from duty and kidnapped byt he First Officer of the ship, who was already suffereing from mental issues. For over a year she lived in darkness, hardly given food and kept locked in a small room.

Sarah was found by Star Fleet personel after captain White surrendered the ship. Her stay in this prison alone for so long, had warped her mind and physical condition. She could barely even stand on her own.

Psychological Profile
Before FO Jackson kidnapped Sarah she was a well adjusted smart and funny woman. She was always positive and had the ability to inspire those around her.

Since her rescue Sarah has healed in leaps and bounds and has even begun to step back into the shadow of her former self. Her confidence has returned even though she still fears being alone.
Specialties and Skills
Sarah has the rare gift of gab. She would be able to talk her way out of almost every situation. she is a firm believed of using one's mouth instead of her fist. In saying that she is well versed in self defense.
Hobbies and Interests
Sarah enjoys painting. Always has. The last few years she has not been able to keep up on her love but now that she has a bit of a stable home perhaps she will get back into it.

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