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Starfleet Personnel Record for Lil'ana Schofield
Name: Lil'ana Schofield
Age: 12
Race: Xenexian
Gender: Female
Rank: N/A
Position: Civilian, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Bronze
Height: 1.25 M
Weight: 25.0 KG
Played by: Ruben Hilbers


Physical Appearance
Lil'ana used to wear her hair in pigtails, but has recently cut it short. Her Xenexian heritage is made clear by her bronze skin and sharp purple eyes. She is of average weight and height for a humanoid girl her age. (Recently, however, she had begun experiencing growth spurts.)
Lil'ana's parents were both Xenexian traders who had become involved in smuggling refugees off Crannar. They had left her on Crannar one day to play while they did a refugee run, but never returned. Emile and Anita Schofield stumbled across the young girl when their escape pod crashed into Crannar during their shore leave.

Lil'ana as grown immensly during her time on the Valkryie, and continues to successfully intergrate herself into the household of the Schofields.

2388.05.13: Lil'ana Lauvell was born on Xenex.
2393.09.02: Lil'ana's parents left her on Crannar to run refugees off the planet.
2393.09.05: Emile and Anita Schofield found Lil'ana on Crannar.
2397.12.24: Stranded on Tsynaia
2398.01.09: Draws portrait of Marcus as birthday present.
2398.01.18: Leaves Tsynaia
2398.05.13: Marcus takes the picture
April 2400: Custody settled in favor of the Schofields.
2400.05.01: Name officially changed to Lil'ana Schofield in Federation records,
2400.05.30: Moves to the USS Pathfinder.
Psychological Profile
When Lil'ana first came aboard she had an inherent distrust of men, and fears of touching things and chewing with her mouth open. While she has overcome the fears, she is still distrustful of men.

She has. however, made several male friends aboard the Valkyrie. Furthermore, she trust Emile and considers him her father. While she sees Anita Schofield as her mother and Pearl Schofield as her sister. Lil'ana also considers X'ok PaRel an uncle.

Lil'ana likes being helpful. She also likes to work with her hands. When she joined the Schofield family, she was not the best at the social conversation. This has slowly changed and is still improving.
Specialties and Skills
Lil'ana's school-grades show her to be bad at math, but good with languages. She has also begun teaching herself how to fly in the holodeck. (Which she wants to keep a secret from Anita, because she thinks she would not approve.)

Like her adoptive father, Lil'ana does not have a head for science. But she does seem to have a talent for medicine.
Hobbies and Interests
Drawing. During her stay on Tsynaia, Lil'ana passed a lot of time drawing pictures. It was during that stay that she became excellent at making portraits.

Making (pocket) watches by hand. She is learning this skill from Conyas Norman.
The picture with her bio was taking by her uncle Marcus. She does not like her picture being taken and it is the only one of her in existence. (Marcus suspects this has something to do with why she distrusts men.)

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