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Starfleet Personnel Record for Isabel Djesco
Name: Isabel Djesco
Age: 56
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Position: JAG Officer, Pandora Station
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1m 72
Weight: 65 kg
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
Think of snowwhite, but then with harsh, cold eyes. Isabel is all-business. She makes sure she dresses up just enough, never too much or too little. Her uniform is always without any crinkles, and she is always tip-top in shape.
Isabel Djesco was born the 23rd of October, 2340, on the planet Betazed. Her childhood was a peaceful one: she had friends and lovely parents. However, at the age of 7, disaster struck. Her parents took her on a trip to one of the nearby moons. Either due to pilot's error, or because of Isabel grabbing hold of one of the controls -Isabel still doesn't know- the small ship crashed on the moon's surface. Rescue came quickly, but the damage was done. Isabel's mother died holding her hand.

After that, her life changed completely. Her father simply couldn't live alone, and as the years flew past, the smiles on her father's face were getting scarce. In the end, her father wouldn't even speak: he just couldn't accept what had happened to his wife. Isabel was on her own.

She soon decided not to let this have any impact on her life, though. She worked hard, and soon became one of the best pupils of the school. She didn't really make any friends though, save one or two good friends whom she could talk to, be herself with. As she grew up, she went to the Betazed university, and here too she excelled. She graduated with honours.

Now, her life was before her. She decided to leave Betazed, to go somewhere else. Betazed reminded her of her lost childhood, of her dead mother, of her father who couldn't speak to anyone anymore. So she joined Starfleet. A happier time in her life started: she began to take interest in several areas, like advanced tactics and -surprisingly- flying. With her determination and attitude, she passed all classes, and four years later, she was a Tactical officer on board a starship: the USS Melbourne. Life was good.

She even made new friends, and one friend in particular: Edward Petrowski. In Edward she found a soulmate, a best friend. . . a lover. The two spent as much time together as they could. In the couple of years that followed, they grew closer and closer, until they finally decided they'd get married. The year was 2365. They were going to ask the Captain to marry them. But then, in November 2365, the Captain ordered Petrowski on an away team into a known hide-out of Orion Pirates, violating several safety regulations. Suffice it to say, Petrowski and the entire away team were slaughtered, Isabel was in tears, and the Captain was replaced. Isabel transferred off of the Melbourne, leaving her friends behind, to go to Earth and testify against her former CO.

And then the battle of Wolf 359 happened. Isabel's ship and friends were destroyed. All that she had built up in these few years, was totally lost now. All she had to focus on was the trail against her former Captain.

But Starfleet was in need of good officers, and either by a bureaucratic mistake, or a deliberate ignoring of the facts, this Captain was found not-guilty, and was given a ship of his own to command. Isabel couldn't believe this. All that she knew, all that she had loved. . . it was all gone. Even the last shred of satisfaction that she could have had from all of this was taken away from her. She couldn't take it anymore. She took an extended leave of absence, and returned to her home planet. She returned to Betazed.

There, she collapsed, and had to spend several months in therapy. She learned how to control her emotions better. She learned how to hide them, and to not be affected so much by the emotions of others. She learned to shield her mind, and how to become a better telepath. She learned how to deal with life.

A year later, Isabel was back in Starfleet, this time training to be a JAG officer. Her faith in the legal system had been tarnished, but Isabel being who she was, wouldn't simply give up. Instead, she would do something about it. She became a lawyer. And a damned good one too. She often didn't show emotions, and was known by many to be a ruthless lawyer. Many gave her the nickname 'Ice Queen'. And she treasured it.

Years went by, and promotions came to her quickly. She got to defend or prosecute in quite some well-known cases. Admirals asked for her assistance often. She got to know various people quite well, and heard a lot of things. Next to JAG, she started working for Starfleet Intelligence, from time to time. This lead to the next step in her career: after years of service to JAG, she became the aide to Admiral Virstchotka. In this position, she came to the USS Valkyrie in 2392, to prosecute then-Ltjg's Schofield and PaRel. . . and to offer them a secret intelligence mission. This back-fired on her though: PaRel initiated a telepathic link between the two of them, and showed her what terrible emotions and thoughs a half-Vulcan, half-Klingon could have. To this day, she sometimes wakes up screaming, remembering these images and feelings.

After a few years under the command of Admiral Virstchotka, Isabel went back to JAG. She travelled across the Federation, making sure that justice was served, even in the furthest corners of the universe. Finally, an offer came to become the JAG on Pandora Station. Isabel accepted. It would be a new challenge, but one that Isabel would face with confidence.
Psychological Profile
The nickname 'Ice Queen' describes Isabel perfectly. At least, it describes the person that she wishes to show to the world. She can be emotionless, focussed on the job and on making sure justice is served the way it should be. However, there is a second side to her: one that she doesn't show to a lot of people. She often doesn't show that side at all, not even when she's alone. It's the side that still knows how to have fun, how to love. While occasionally she shows a smile, it has been ages since she really laughed out loud.
Isabel is strict, eager to follow the letter *and* the spirit of the law. She won't tolerate mistakes.
Specialties and Skills
Isabel has a keen eye for detail. She uses her telepathy to sense if a person is lying or not, and while she doesn't use that as evidence, she does use it to determine her approach in court. She's also a great tactician: something that has helped her in court before.
At the Academy, she minored in piloting starships and shuttlecraft. She is still pretty good behind the controls of any kind of vehicle.
Hobbies and Interests
Isabel doesn't have a lot of hobbies. Occasionally she enjoys a good book, and from time to time she likes to perform several breath-taking maneauvres in a shuttlecraft. Her main passion though, is her work. She loves her job, and her job is her life.
Don't be too insulted when Djesco speaks harshly to you: that's just how she is. Insult her back though. . . and you will have to face the fury of the ice-queen.

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