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Starfleet Personnel Record for Emily Watson
Name: Emily Watson
Age: 32
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Position: Science Officer, Yeager Colony
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1 m 79
Weight: 66 kg
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
She's a good looking -strike that, a beautiful- woman, with her long, black hair often tied up in a knot. She likes to let her hair down, but only when she's not working. She takes good care of her appearance: you'll never find her looking sloppy.
Ever since an accident in August 2395, she has only one lung, and a prosthetic right lower arm.
Born May 3rd 2366, Emily is the eldest sister of two, in a family of scientists. Her younger sister is called Sue Watson. Her parents, both civilian scientists, loved their children as much as they did their job. Their love for science got them travelling though, and naturally they took their family with them. That was. . . until the start of the Dominion wars. Emily's parents felt it was too dangerous to bring their children along on their science projects, so they 'dropped' them off at family at the Alpha Centauri colony. Even though her uncle and aunt were fine people, Emily felt 'abandoned' by her parents. Plus, she was the eldest, and she felt responsible for what happened to her younger sister.

Emily's time on Alpha Centauri was a good one, though. Despite the continuous threat of invasion by the Dominion, life was good. She was overly protective of her sister, but that was to be expected. While she had already gotten into contact with various alien species when she had been travelling with her parents, to know that she was actually living next to an alien -an Andorian, in fact- was invigorating. She loved to learn more about the culture of these people, about the history, the biology. . . well, everything.

When the Dominion war was over, and the sisters' parents returned to Alpha Centauri, Emily actually didn't want to leave. She was aiming for Alpha Centauri's university. . . and she got it. Her parents received a job as scientists 'environmental experts' at the Proxima Centauri shipyards, so the Watson's stayed at Alpha Centauri. Emily stayed protective of her sister, despite this, though. But because of her parents' return, she could now finally focus on what she felt was important: her studies.

While her sister loved playing around a bit more, Emily went to various top-schools, and later on, to the university. She followed her parents into science, but chose xenobiology -the study of various lifeforms- as her major. She minored in anthropology: the research of a species' culture, history, religion. Both of these, she found terribly fascinating.

But her learning days weren't over. After finishing the university in record-time, she applied for Starfleet Academy. The various trips she took to see where her parents worked -at a Starfleet shipyard- inspired her to do more with her life. Joining Starfleet seemed the logical choice.

After graduating -age 25- she got assigned to a Science vessel, the USS Walhalla. As a science officer, she loved every moment of it. It didn't take long before she was promoted to Lt.jg, and placed in charge of the entire xenobiology section. She couldn't be more proud.

Emily's enthusiastic writing home most likely stimulated her sister, Sue Watson, to join Starfleet too. But Sue didn't follow the Academy: she became a crewman on board the Valkyrie: one of the newest Transwarp capable ships. Emily jokingly told Sue that one day, she'd be going to one of these ships too.

She had no idea that this would become a reality. Emily did her job so well, that she was promoted again, this time to full Lieutenant. She also received another posting, because the Walhalla was going to be decomissioned. The new ship she had to report to was the USS Odyssey. Lt. Watson looked forward to the new challenges awaiting her.

On board the Odyssey, she quickly grew closer with its commanding officer, Jeff Jalando. They declared their love for each other, about a year after coming on board. Pretty soon after that, she became pregnant.

At stardate 2396.09.08, she went into labour. Their daughter, Arienne Jalando, was born the same day.

2366.05.03: Emily was born.
2386: Entered Starfleet Academy
2391: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, got assigned to the USS Walhalla as a science officer. Got promoted several times.
2394.03.13: Assigned to the USS Odyssey, as a science officer.
2395.08.26: An explosion in the science lab caused Emily to lose her lower right arm and one lung. The arm was replaced by a prosthetic.
2396.09.08: Her daughter, Arienne, was born.
Psychological Profile
Emily is a woman who knows how to deal with problems. While her uncle and aunt had taken care of her and her sister during the Dominion War, she still felt responsible, and had made sure she'd handle problems that came their way. Also, she handles them in her *own* way. She is passionate about what she does, and won't stop until she gets this done. She's an independent woman, relying on herself most of the times.
She's been rocketing through the ranks, becoming full Lieutenant at the age of 28. She values her career a lot, and makes that one of her top priorities. She's ambitious, although not to a point where she pushes her superiors into doing what she wants. She isn't afraid of a *little* pushing, though.
Her family is important to her as well. She often has a talk with her younger sister, Sue Watson on the Valkyrie.

Even after her daughter was born, Emily kept valuing her career, trying to combine family and work as much as possible.
Specialties and Skills
Xenobiology and Anthropology. She's very curious, and loves to find out what alien races are like. . . both in a biological, and cultural sense. She can spend hours talking to anyone with a different cultural view than her own, just to fulfill her own curiosity.
Being a scientist who thinks that talking and understanding another person's cultural point if view is better than fighting, she hardly knows any martial arts, or has any weapon skills to speak off. Sure, she knows how to handle a phaser, but she'd rather not use it.
Hobbies and Interests
In her off-hours, she likes to play the violin. She's actually quite good at it: she has followed a lot of lessons when she was at Alpha Centauri, and she actually has given a few concerts back on the Walhalla. She prefers playing the violin over singing, even though her voice isn't unpleasant to listen to.
Another thing she really likes is sailing and surfing. Sailing for the relaxation of it all, and surfing for the thrill. She prefers to do this down on a planet, but she'll settle for the holodeck if it's the only other option.
One word of advise: she's a lousy cook. She tries from time to time, but even something like programming a new dish in the replicator turns out nasty. This is why she never orders something from the replicator for herself: she usually goes to the messhall and orders something there.

Ever since the accident where she got hurt, she hasn't picked up her violin anymore. With her prosthetic right lower arm, she isn't sure she will still be able to play...
Her and Jeff's daughter, Arienne, was born at stardate 2396.09.08.

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