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Starfleet Personnel Record for Robert 'Bob' Baine
Name: Robert 'Bob' Baine
Age: 68
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Position: Academy Commandant, Starfleet Academy
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Grey
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1 m 79
Weight: 77 kg
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
Robert, or 'Bob' as he's called by most of his friends and family, is a tall man, with a friendly look in his eyes. Even though he has seen most of the wonders of the universe, he is still looking for new challenges.
Robert was born on Alpha-Centauri, in 2328, during a shoreleave of his mother, a starfleet Lieutenant. She raised him wherever Starfleet would send her. His father also came along, but as a normal civilian: he was an entertainer, and performed for the crew, on regular occasions. Especially when Robert's mother, Merielle, was transferred to a starbase. There, Robert performed alongside his father. He liked making people laugh.. pleasing people by doing all kinds of acts. He found out that besides being comical, he could also perform very serious roles. One of his favourite parts ever was the one where he played a Klingon boy, being rejected by his parents for not having any honour. Everyone in the audience was amazed by the talents of this young boy, now only 15 years old.

It was just after this play, that his mother got promoted, and transferred to Earth. Robert and his father, Daniel, moved with Merielle back to Earth. There, Robert and his father kept performing, and Robert kept playing in several plays, but it wasn't the same. It was as if he had left the spark back at the starbase..

At the age of 19, Robert knew he had to make a decision. Either continue performing, which wasn't going well at the time, or join starfleet, in the footsteps of his mother. After a careful consideration, and long and serious talks, Robert decided to join Starfleet. In 2347 he entered the academy. There, he met an instructor who would have a lasting impression on him: Lt. Elok Stetesj. This Andorian instructor wasn't assigned as Robert's personal instructor, but he did see exactly what was going on: Robert was acting his way through life.. through the Academy. When he got confronted about that, Robert didn't believe it. But when he looked at his life, he saw it was true: he hadn't taken risks, he had used acting as a way to prevent himself from getting hurt, and he had acted the way he thought people would like him.

After Robert saw this, things got much clearer for him. He stopped the all-the-time acting, and went to stand for himself. This made him a young man who told everyone what he thought, and who wasn't afraid to get criticised. After leaving the Academy in 2351, he promised Elok to keep in touch.. and they did.

However, after 10 years doing his duty on the science vessel USS Curie (where he became the CSO), the then Lt. Robert Baine heard that Elok had passed away. This led him back to earth, to honour his friend's memories, kindness, and love. When he was on Earth, he noticed that Elok's place at the Academy, as an instructor was still open. Immediately, he applied for the job. It seemed like the most logical thing to do. Although he was only 33, he had learned a lot about teaching, from Elok.

Years passed by, and Robert, who took on the nickname 'Bob', grew in being an instructor. He loved doing this work, supporting these cadets in becoming starfleet officers. It always filled him with gratitude.

Robert rose in rank... becoming Commander and Chief Instructor. However, that is where his instructing carreer ended: he was offered a job as the aide of Commodore Joona, who was in charge of all the scientific experiments being conducted by Starfleet in the Beta Quadrant. Robert accepted the job, and with it the promotion to Captain.

Commodore Joona, after having Robert as his aide for a couple of years, was impressed by the now-Captain Baine. He even told Robert that it was a shame that he had chosen to be an instructor, instead of a scientist. However, Robert disagreed with the Commodore. After all, even though he loved the Sciences, he also loved the ability to prepare the Cadets for their life as a Starfleet Officer.

Nevertheless, Robert did get promoted again... not into another instructor-position, but this time to being Science Directorate himself. He had taken Commodore Joona's old job, when the man retired. With that job came a promotion to Commodore... which he gladly accepted.

After some years of dedication to his work, Robert was offered the position of AcadCM. Despite being succesful in his job, he gladly accepted the position, and the promotion that came with it...

Psychological Profile
Robert is a man who says what he is thinking... This can be a bit confronting at times, and it has got him into a lot of problems. Still, he keeps on doing that, because he believes that confronting others, instead of beating around the bush, is the only way to say what he really wants to say..

Even though he has become an admiral, Robert still likes to play practical jokes on people. He sometimes looks very serious, when he is in fact not serious, or the other way around. The classes he took in acting, when he was young did pay off...
Specialties and Skills
He loves the satisfaction he gets when another project succeeds, or when one of his scientists finds the confidence to make a project work. Robert can be very persuasive, and he uses that to persuade his scientists to go for it 100%, just like he did his cadets when he was the AcadCM. He can be a stereotype admiral, if he has to be... but he prefers to be a warm person, who can keep personal contacts with his personnel, during, and after working hours...
Hobbies and Interests
Acting. He still plays in academyplays, alongside cadets, sometimes. After all, he created this tradition of the instructors playing alongside the Cadets.

However, his current job at the Academy, and his additional tasks as an admiral in Starfleet Science, keeps him more busy than he'd prefer. He loves it, though. He loves learning more and more... Also, whenever he has time, he creates one or two experiments or projects for himself.
Robert is a man who wants to have personal contacts with the people around him. He isn't one of those 'distant' admirals, sitting at a desk. He also hates sitting in his office, but since that's the place people have to come to, he just stays there... That doesn't mean he won't take a quick walk around the Academy once in a while, though.

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