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Starfleet Personnel Record for Kregel
Name: Kregel
Age: 65
Race: Klingon
Gender: Male
Rank: Ambassador
Position: Federation Ambassador, Pandora Station
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black/grey
Skin Color: brown
Height: 1m 87
Weight: 79 kg
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
Ambassador Kregel is, for a Klingon, a bit out of shape. While he tries to keep in shape by going to the holodeck whenever he can and practice his Bat'leth skills, the fact that his job demands him to talk a lot, means that his stamina is not what it used to be. A shame, really. He used to be strong, feared by many for his physical prowess. Now though, that's certainly not that case. Which doesn't mean he's weak though. He's still stronger than any Human Kregel knows. It's just that many Klingons are physically superior to him. . .
His black hair starts to show signs of aging.
Kregel, son of Kahr, of the house of Barth'ahk, was born in the capital of Qo'noS, 18th of June, 2330. Kahr, his father, did everything he could to raise his son to become a soldier. And he succeeded. At the age of 16, Kregel managed to get a junior assistant's position on board a Klingon Bird of Prey. It wasn't much, but it was all Kregel needed. A year later, after having served the Bird of Prey -called Tch'locH- well, he was granted a position in the Klingon Academy. The training was harsh, but Kregel pulled through. . . with a little help from Mr. K'Plarr, another Cadet whom Kregel was, since then, proud to call a friend. In 2352, Kregel finally emerged from the Academy, taking on a position as junior gunner, at the Nr. 4 phaser bank. While not an incredibly interesting position, Kregel held it with pride, and performed so well, that he was rapidly promoted.

In 2373, when Kregel's Captain and First Officer were killed in battle with the Dominion, Kregel assumed command of the Bird of Prey yayDuj. Using the experience he had achieved during his time as Tactical Chief, he ordered various tactics to be initiated, causing the obliteration of the Dominion ship which attacked them. From then forward, Kregel stayed in command of the yayDuj. He had earned the respect of his crew, and the High Counsel. And that respect would only grow as years went by.

Until the year 2384. During what Kregel calls a 'Tactical Error', his ship was lost. Only Kregel and a hand full of officers managed to reach the escape pods. The rest died meaningless deaths. For this, Kregel was dishonoured by the Klingon High Counsel. They made sure that Kregel was stripped of his rank, and that he would never, ever get a job with the Klingon Defence Force again.

Wondering around the galaxy, Kregel had all but given up on life, when a friend offered him a job. A job as an Ambassador, between the Klingons and the Federation. Not a high ranking Ambassador with a lot of influence, mind you, but an Ambassador nonetheless. Kregel accepted it: he had to do *something* with his life. From that moment on, Kregel had to get used to travelling through the Federation solving dispute after dispute. Certainly not a warriors' life, but still. . . at least it was something.
Psychological Profile
A Klingon in all aspects. Says what he wants to say, and doesn't care if people are insulted by that. Indeed, he can often be rude. Which, of course, is a lousy quality for any Ambassador. So he can be calm, polite. . . although he does cost him some trouble. He has learned some patience, but don't count on him to sit around and do nothing for a long time. Especially not when there's an emergency.

Kregel wants to be useful. To feel like he can make a difference again. Like when he was the Captain of the yayDuj. While he will never again feel that exact same feeling, he will do anything to come close to feel as useful as possible.

Kregel's very Klingon in viewing the people around him. Characteristics like fear, panic and cowardice are not tolerated by Kregel. However, if one displays bravery, courage and strength, one would have caught the respect of this Klingon.
Specialties and Skills
Since he has been trained as a Warrior, and his post has been Chief Tactical officer, Kregel knows a lot about different tactics, strategies, and how to win a fight. Thank goodness, Kregel has managed to use this to his advantage in his Ambassadorial duties: He knows which fight to pick, and how to win them.
Instead of just being good with weapons, or with hand to hand combat, he's also learned to fight with words. Still, he prefers a Bat'leth more. . .
Hobbies and Interests
Reliving famous battles in the holodeck, just to keep in shape. Reminiscing. That's something he likes to do as well. Oh, and of course boasting about his successes, both as a Warrior and as an Ambassador.
Officially, Kregel is an Ambassador between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. But that doesn't stop the Diplomatic Corps from assigning him to different disputes to solve. . . And while Kregel always accepts those assignments, he doesn't always like it. . .

Kregel's full name is Kregel, son of Kahr, of the house of Barth'ahk.

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