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Starfleet Personnel Record for Threnn Vok
Name: Threnn Vok
Age: 32
Race: Andorian
Gender: Male
Position: Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: white
Skin Color: blue
Height: 2m02 (With antenna's)
Weight: 75 kilo's.
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
You can recognize Threnn as an Andorian, by the antenna's on his head. He is a tall, goodlooking guy.
Threnn was born at 31st of January, 2367, on the planet Andoria Prime. He was the 'result' of a vacation to Risa, where his mother met another Andorian, whom she fel in love with. The romance between the two was brief. They parted, when Threnn's mother went back to Andoria. Some months later, Threnn was born. He was raised only by his mother. She was a family doctor, who didn't have much time for her new born son. But she knew she couldn't let him home alone, so she often brought him to work with her. This was how Threnn got to know the other side of his mother. At home, she was often silent, tired and she slept a lot, but at work she was cheerful to the patients, helping them with every little complaint they had. When Threnn saw that his mother was giving her work all she got, he decided to help his mother. As a result, he acquired a lot of experience.

Although he was happy with his way of life, helping his mother and all, Threnn felt he missed something in his life. He began to experiment with different kinds of external stimuli, from orbital skydiving, which is still a hobby of his, to stealing and using narcotics. When his mother found out about this, the 2 Andorians had a long talk, and Threnn got punished for his actions: he spent 6 months in a holding cell. When he was in jail, he had a lot of spare time to think about his actions, and what he wanted to do in his life. When he finally got out of jail, he had decided: He wanted to be a doctor, to help people, like his mother did. Only the problem was: he didn't want to continue being a family doctor. If he had learned something when he was in that jail, it was that he wanted some action, some adventure. He now knew the wrong way of getting that action, now he had to find the right way.

After a year working as a doctor, he decided it was time to leave Andoria. So when a transport ship went to Starfleet Academy, he realized this was his chance. This was what he wanted to do all along. Starfleet, home of action and adventure, would be his home as well. So he signed up, bid farewell to his mother, and went to earth, to join starfleet.

At Pandora Station, Threnn worked hard, and got to know his CMO: Jessica Truesdale. He fell in love, and both of them got together. They even had a baby... but to much grief of both parents, the baby didn't make it. There were just too many genetical instabilities. After this, Truesdale decided to go... without saying goodbye. For two years after that, Threnn had wondered what he could have done differently. And when he heard that the Oklahoma, the ship Truesdale had been on as a passenger, was missing... Threnn's world collapsed.

But all that changed when he got a chance to save Truesdale. In a covert mission, infiltrating the Orion Syndicate, he, together with Admiral Truesdale -Jessica's father-, STC Hanya Jaal and Sahar Khatibi, managed to rescue Jessica, her mother and several others.

However, the relationship with Jessica didn't continue. Jessica needed time to get over a very traumatic experience, and Threnn felt ignored. He still loves her, but he doesn't see much hope for them.

As he tried to simply go on with his life, he focussed on his work most of the times. Still, trouble kept coming his way. An Orion pirate captain, named Artinon, decided to abduct Threnn so that the Andorian doctor could work at the pirate crew. While Threnn was ultimately rescued after about a week, this experience was still traumatic for him. He still wakes up from time to time thinking he's back on the pirate captain's ship...
Psychological Profile
Threnn has a criminal past. He has been stealing, and using narcotics. But he's over that now. The 6 months in jail have let him see that this was not his way. He didn't want to steal, or to use drugs. He just wanted some action. He has joined starfleet to get that action he desires so much.
Threnn wants to help people. That's why he became a doctor.

His first contact with the human culture was when he was in Starfleet Academy. Since he had been living on Andoria all the time, he wasn't used to other cultures. Now that he got accepted into Starfleet, he had to get used to it. The humanoid body may not hold any mysteries for him anymore, the human culture still does.
Specialties and Skills
Threnn is a capable doctor. He has had much practical experience, working as a doctor on Andoria. When he was at Starfleet Academy, he excelled in the phaser trainings course. If things don't work out the first time, Threnn can get very upset, angry even.
Threnn isn't very good in Engineeringing business... Which is quite logical: he's a doctor, not an engineer!
Hobbies and Interests
When Threnn is in a holodeck, he is often practising his weapon skills, or he is practising some extreme sport, which he has been fan of for a couple of years. He also likes to go wrestling, also a sport he has learned on Andoria. He hasn't won any prizes with it, not yet anyway.
Threnn seems to be aggressive sometimes, but people who know him better will say that he is just the opposite. Helping people is very important for him. That's why he became a doctor.

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