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Starfleet Personnel Record for Edith Anthony Patel
Name: Edith Anthony Patel
Age: 37
Race: Human/Napean
Gender: Female
Position: Engineering Officer, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Light Tan
Height: 163cm
Weight: 55kg
Played by: Susanne Andersson


Physical Appearance
Edith is taller than the average Indian woman and this is entirely due to her mixed heritage. Her father was over 2 meters tall. She is by most seen as quite a petite woman however with an average physique. She has the of Napeans characteristic leaf shaped ridges on her forehead, though less prominent. She mostly wears her hair down and this hides the ridges further. This is partly a conscious decision.
Edith Anthony Patel was born 2363 in India, Earth to a human mother and a Napean father. It was a loving family with a large extended family both on her mother’s and father’s side. She quickly showed an affinity for computer systems, she could frequently be seen reprogramming the various applications around the house. And sometimes taking them apart and then adding hardware to it as she saw fit.

She applied for Starfleet Academy as soon as she could, wanting a combination of adventure and the best education possible in computer systems and programming.

She entered in 2381 and graduated four years later in the middle of her class. She had not thrived in the fairly constrictive environment of the Academy and sought assignment specially away from a starship or starbase. She was assigned to the Starfleet Corp of Engineering which was a perfect fit for her. Plenty of room within the corps armada of projects to do her thing.

It was during one of those that she met Glarus. A Gnalish engineer who everyone went out of their way to avoid but Edith had never been like everyone else. She found his expertise something to aspire to and interesting to get to know personally. Not that Glarus felt the same but that had never bothered her before and certainly not know. The two eventually formed a close friendship.

After much convincing, she managed to get Glarus to return to starship which is where she thought he belonged. Of course her plan backfired because he insisted on her coming with him and a starship was not where she thought she belonged.

Together they were in 2396 posted to the USS Tesla.

In 2400 she was assigned to the newest transwarp vessel, USS Pathfinder.
Psychological Profile
Specialties and Skills
Hobbies and Interests

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