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Starfleet Personnel Record for Ejaara
Name: Ejaara
Age: 63
Race: Denobulan
Gender: Female
Rank: N/A
Position: Civilian, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Skin Color: olive
Height: 1m 71
Weight: 72kg
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
Ejaara is a typical Denobulan female. She's got long black hair, hanging loose over her shoulders. She's conscious about how she looks, but doesn't spend too much attention to her looks... unless there's a special occasion.
Ejaara was born on the Denobulan homeworld, into a crowded family... like most Denobulans. Denobulan families were... complex, and hers was no exception. She grew up with many, MANY brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces, always having someone to play with.

One of her fathers was in Starfleet, though. Upon coming with him to the starbase he was stationed on, Ejaara felt the thrill of exploration, of learning new things. Denobula was great, but she knew everything there already. Space, on the other hand, was vast, with new knowledge to be found just around the proverbial corner.

So, she joined Starfleet. But after spending three years in the Academy, it was clear to her that Starfleet didn't fit her. Following orders had never been her strong suit. She was a free-spirited individual, who often had different ideas than her superior officers. As a result, she often did things her way, and was finally discharged from the Academy.

Ejaara didn't mind all that much, though... for during her Academy years, she'd become part of the Academy newspaper. When she was kicked out of the Academy, she knew what she wanted to do: be a journalist, search for the truth and bring it out there.

As successful career as a journalist was a result. Ejaara quickly rose through the journalism world: from being an intern at a local news agency, to being one of the reporters at the Federation Tribune.

She didn't let her success go to her head, though. She often returned to Denobula, and fell in love and married... three times. She had several children with her partners, and is now the mother of three daughters and two sons.

In the year 2400, Ejaara was given a rather peculiar assignment: she was to accompany of the USS Pathfinder on their maiden voyage, to report on the already-famous ship and her crew. Because she couldn't just leave her youngest daughter, Djeena, at Denobula, she brought her along. Djeena, who is approximately 12 years old now, was looking forward to it. Like Ejaara at that age, she loved the idea of exploring new areas of space.
Psychological Profile
She loves being in a crowd, and sometimes feels lonely when it's just her and one or two other people. She's very social and seeks out the crowds, rather than avoid them.

Ejaara's got a nack of finding out the truth. She often uses her social skills to find out what she needs to know.

More than her work though, her family is most important. Her daughter is everything for her.
Specialties and Skills
Back in the Academy, Ejaara excelled at the sciences. She still loves to run scientific experiments whenever possible, though she's not had the chance to do this in quite some time.

Hobbies and Interests
Writing stories - fictional, factional and holographic - has always been a passion of Ejaara. She's actually published two holonovels already: the detectivestory 'The mysteries of Ajadon Prime' and the action-oriented 'Gamma Team'. She's currently working on a story called 'Saturn Showdown': a western, but then on one of planet Saturn's moons.

Ejaara's also quite a singer. Back on Denobula, she used to sing her brothers and sisters to sleep. Now, she often does the same with her own children.

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