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Starfleet Personnel Record for Jeff Jalando
Name: Jeff Jalando
Age: 33
Race: 1/2 Betazoid, 1/2 Bajoran
Gender: Male
Position: Commanding Officer, Yeager Colony
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1m89
Weight: 73 kg
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
Jeff is a tall young man. You can easily see he is part Bajoran, because of his nose. Jeff wears an earring, but only when he is not on duty. Jef looks friendly, and is usually relaxed around people. His full name is Jeff Robert Jalando.

Jeff was born March 28th 2365, on the Federation starship USS Pompei. In 2367, the Pompei was sent on a deep space exploration mission, so, fortunately for Jeff and his family, it couldn't be present at the battle of Wolf 359.

His father, Jalando Iyal, is a Bajoran, who was born during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. He was able to flee from Bajor. He went to live with his mother on a Bajoran colony. He joined Starfleet because he thought Starfleet would help the Bajorans in their struggle with the Cardassians. After this conflict was solved, he stayed in Starfleet: the organisation had left a lasting impression. As a lieutenant, he met a young ensign from Betazed: Leandra Stears. Iyal and Leandra fell in love, and, in 2353, they got married. They both decided that they would give their children the familyname of their father, Jalando, which was a Bajoran custom, but that that name would come last, which was a Betazoid custom.

They had 4 children: Adriana, Illyana, Sibyll, and Jeff. Jeff was the youngest. He was raised in a Starfleet family. He lived at starships and federation colonies. At the time Jeff was 9, Starfleet was engaged in the Dominion War, which has left its marks on Jeff. In the year 2375, when Jeff was 10 years old, he and his family were living at the colony of Sigma Altair IV. Adriana, the oldest sibling, came home to show her family that she was an Ensign now, as she had just graduated from the Academy. However, while she was there, the colony was attacked by Dominion forces. The colonists went to find shelter in some nearby caves, but there was no place on the planet where they'd be safe from the Dominion. In the middle of the fight, one of the Jem'Hadar soldiers raised his rifle and aimed it at Jeff, who had hid in a corner with his two older siblings. When Adriana saw this, she fired her phaser and killed the Jem'Hadar, thus saving Jeff. Unfortunately, another Jem'Hadar now had a clear shot at her: she vaporised before Jeff's very eyes. After a terrible fight, the colony was saved, but a lot of good people, including Adriana, had died.

Jeff's 2 remaining sisters joined Starfleet as soon as they went 18, but Jeff didn't. He was reluctant to join, because Starfleet reminded him of the Dominion War. He didn't want to be a soldier: he didn't want to fight, or kill. So instead of joining Starfleet, he studied on Betazed for a while. When he was 16, he joined the Betazed Counseling Academy. He learned a lot while he was there and finally graduated as a counsellor assistant. At the age of 19 he went to live with his parents on the USS Nexus, where his father was the FO and his mother was the Counsellor.

On the USS Nexus, he met Science Officer Alexandria Rordy. She taught Jeff that Starfleet wasn't just the military. Science was part of it as well. Jeff developed an interest in science, and started working on the USS Nexus as an assistant science officer. Some of his projects included the geological survey of a demon class planet, the research of a Xenon-based lifeform, and the development of a new life-support-system for one of the shuttles of the Nexus. At the age of 21, Jeff finally decided to join Starfleet. He thought he would have the chance to come to terms with the death of his sister Adriana, and still follow his interests.

His time in the Academy was. . . interesting, to say the least. He learned much more than he could ever have imagined. It was clear to him which direction he wanted to go, but the problem was that he still needed to learn other skills than those used in the sciences.
One of those fields of study was security. It was here, that he found out that the death of his sister had more of an impact than he had realised. Every time he even came near a phaser or any other type of weapon, he panicked. While patient at first, the Academy instructors soon didn't know what to do with him anymore. Every officer had to pass the weapons training course, but Jeff didn't even want to be *near* any weapon! Jeff came close to being branded 'unfit for duty', when one of the instructors, Lt. Creenan, decided to see what she could do. Under her guidance, Jeff learned to get near phasers, hold them and even fire them at targets. He passed his weapon training course, albeit barely. While he understood the need to have this skill, he figured he'd never fire another weapon in his life anyway, since he would become a science officer. Later, he'd find out how wrong he was.


After Jeff's graduation, he was assigned Assistant Chief Science Officer, on Pandora Station. It wasn't a starship, so he wouldn't go off exploring new and interesting worlds, but that didn't bother Jeff much: because the station always stayed in one place, he'd have a chance to do some in-depth research.

While on Pandora Station, Jeff participated in many missions and many adventures. He rose in rank rather quickly: apparently his commanding officers saw something in him that he hadn't seen in himself. Only a little over a month after arriving, he was promoted to 2O/CSO and Lieutenant. While Jeff was nervous about this at first, something inside him said that this was a good thing. He began to see the amount of work he had to do, and he was looking forward to it. Not just to the science part of it, but also to being part of the command team. This was a strange experience for Jeff, since he never wanted command of anything. A spark, of which Jeff hadn't known it existed, had started burning inside of him. And it would never die out. When he got promoted to Lt.Cmdr. not long after that, he began to feel the spark turn into a fire. As he got more responsibilities, he found he actually enjoyed them.

Around this time, Starfleet decided to fit the Solstice, along with several other ships in the fleet, with transwarp. Jeff oversaw some of the modifications and was part of the first testflight on board the Solstice. It was a magnificent moment: to actually be on a ship, going faster than ever before. He began to wonder if staying in one place for too long was as good for him as he had thought a little while back. . .

Only a month after this, the current First Officer of Pandora Station stepped down, leaving an opening. Upon Jeff's amazement, he actually got the job. While he still had a lot to learn, Jeff was happy with being a Commander and FO. He would no longer be practicing science: a bigger challenge lay in front of him: Command.

While Jeff rocketed through the ranks on Pandora Station, his time there wasn't always a happy one. In fact, there was one mission Jeff would never, ever forget. While taking a member of an alien race known as the 'Dholari' home, Jeff was kidnapped by a rebel movement of the Dholari homeworld. They altered Jeff's mind, forcing him to work for them. Together with other Starfleet Officers whose minds had been reprogrammed, he returned to Pandora Station. He pretended to be the same old Jeff Jalando, while in fact he was plotting to destroy the Station. Were it not for the crew's efforts in resisting him, he would have succeeded. Thankfully, Jeff and the other Starfleet Officers were 'brought back', the drugs which controlled their minds were taken away from them, and they became themselves again. However. . . while under the influence of the Dholari, Jeff had hurt, injured, and yes even killed people. This is something he, nor the crew who serve under him, will ever forget. It is also something he has to live with. Every day of his life.


On 2392.08.26, Jeff recieved some unexpected orders. He was being transferred, to be First Officer of the USS Odyssey. At 2392.09.19, Jalando beamed on board his new dutystation. It would take some getting used to: no more Pandora Station.

However, just as Jeff had gotten used to his First Officer role on board the Odyssey, Captain Bennek was promoted to Commodore, and Starfleet pulled the big chair out for Jeff. The relatively young Commander accepted, and got promoted to Captain of the USS Odyssey. Only a little over two years after this graduation, Jeff found himself in command of a ship.

He slowly grew in his role, becoming more and more comfortable as CO of this Intrepid class Starship. One of the missions on the Odyssey which he will always remember, was the one where the Odyssey got pulled fifty years into the future. He met his old, mentally unstable, self there. But most importantly: he met his daughter there. She told him that he would fall in love with a woman named 'Emily'...
When a certain Emily Watson came on board the ship to serve in the science department, Jeff wondered if this was the one. As it turned out, both of them felt attraction towards each other. It didn't take long for both of them to declare their love for each other. About a year or two later, they received the joyful news that Emily was pregnant!


Jeff had grown a lot in this time and became more and more content with his role as Starship Captain. The Odyssey, being one of the transwarp ships, could go virtually anywhere, and Jeff enjoyed exploring the galaxy. However, all good things would come to an end sooner or later: as of stardate 2396.01.10, Starfleet assigned the USS Odyssey to the newly formed Yeager Colony as a support vessel. While Yeager Colony was on the outskirts of the Federation, there wouldn't be all that much exploring done anymore. A support vessel needed to stick close to the colony, after all. This was a setback for the maturing Captain and he actually thought about applying for captaincy of another starship. However, the more time he and Emily spent at Yeager, the more they felt at home here.

At stardate 2396.05.12, Jalando took the Odyssey to close a subspace rift near Yeager Colony. However, in doing so, he was forced to kill several spaceborn creatures, who thought the rift was food for them. It was not a moment Jeff was proud of. He wondered how he had come here: from being a young cadet who was afraid to pick up a weapon, to being a starship captain who was forced to kill innocent creatures in space.
He didn't have much time to think about this though, for he received a message from Yeager Colony. A Romulan agent, T'Parren, had gone on a killing spree there. . . but what was worse, she had kidnapped Emily! Outraged, Jalando took the Odyssey to rescue his pregnant girlfriend. They managed to do that just in time, but at great cost: T'Parren escaped, and had caused significant damage at the colony. This only added to the difficulties between the Starfleet and civilian inhabitants.

Luckily, not everything was chaos and mayhem: on stardate 2396.09.08, Jeff and Emily's daughter, Arienne Jalando, was born.

Jeff almost lost his daughter though, when a group of alien hunters tried to kill him. Bawan, the leader of these hunters, hunted him down while the other hunters took Arienne. It was an experience Jeff would never forget, but thank goodness the Yeager crew managed to arrest the hunters before anyone was seriously hurt.

In July 2397, in what turned out to be a dreamstate, both the Yeager crew and that of the USS Valkyrie turned against each other when they each felt that the others were placing the Federation into jeopardy. In the end, even though it pained him to do so, Jeff ordered the Valkyrie destroyed, killing his close friend, Captain PaRel. When everything turned out to be just a collective dream, set up by the Orion Syndicate, it was hard to face PaRel again. Jeff hoped their friendship could recover. . . which it eventually did.

On stardate 2397.12.11, Jeff found out that Captain Torn, a good friend and former CO of the Atlantis, was alive after all, in the Gamma Quadrant! Jeff took the Odyssey to pick him and his small crew up, but failed to return to Yeager on time... Starfleet later declared him and the Odyssey missing in action. However, seven months later, the Odyssey returned, having been held prisoner by alien children. Jeff, along with everyone on board, had been tortured. He could only remember two months worth of it, but it was enough to leave a deep scar.

Unfortunately, Jeff wasn't allowed time to recover: only a week or two later, on stardate 2398.07.31, the colony once again faced destruction as a Sident Abbot took control of many large insects, which brought the colony to the brink of destruction. Thankfully, the Abbot was captured, but the damage to the colony was severe. And while there had been several casualties, Jeff was immensely grateful that Emily and Arienne hadn't been harmed.

During the christmas celebration, at stardate 2398.12.24, Jeff called Emily over. While she thought she was being reprimanded for letting it snow, Jeff knelt before her and asked her to marry him. She said yes.

However, then the Sident invasion happened. Jeff took the Odyssey to Earth, where he faced his sister, Illyana, who was taken over by the Sident. On stardate 2399.01.12, Jeff's sister and Lt. Valk, another Sident sleeper agent, actually shot him. He died, right there on the Bridge.
Luckily, the Medical staff was able to revive him. Recovery was brutal, though... but he managed to get back on his feet quickly enough to help end the Sident threat.

Further recovery took place back at Yeager Colony, where, in April 2399, Jeff and Emily finally got married. They planned their honeymoon for the following month: together with Captain Summers and Hequill, Captain PaRel and MacKenzie and two pilots, they took a shuttle to Pandora Station first, in order to assist Summers with her trial. After that, the real honeymoon would begin.

They never made it to Pandora Station, though. Along the way, they encountered an unknown planet, which shouldn't even be there. They beamed down to investigate, but... were unable to contact the shuttle again to beam up. Days passed, but no sign of rescue. Weeks... then months, and finally years. Jeff, Emily, Summers, Hequill, PaRel and MacKenzie all knew that they would probably never be rescued, so they made a life for themselves there. Jeff and Emily got another daughter, who they named Melody.
More years passed... 85 years, to be exact. They watched Melody grow up and fall in love with Kevin, the son of PaRel and MacKenzie.

And then... all of a sudden, it all ended. Apparently, those 85 years never actually happened: Jeff and the others had been unwilling participants of an alien science experiment. They were fed a lifetime of false memories. Starfleet ultimately found them, and brought them to Pandora Station. Instead of 85 years, they'd just been missing for under a week.

It took both Jeff and Emily quite some time to recover from this experience. It was great seeing Arienne again, but... getting back to the life they thought they'd never return to, was proving more difficult than imagined.

2386.09.14: Jeff entered the academy.
2391.03.05: Graduated, and transferred to Pandora Station, as an ensign and the ACSO.
2391.04.12: Promoted to full Lt, and 2O/CSO of Pandora.
2391.04.18: Promoted to Lt.Cmdr.
2391.04.29: Promoted to Commander, and Pandora Station's First Officer.
2391.05.19: Jeff was captured, tortured and forced to attempt to destroy his own station.
2392.09.19: Transferred to the USS Odyssey, as First Officer.
2393.01.13: Promoted to Captain and CO of the USS Odyssey.
2396.01.10: The Odyssey is assigned to Yeager Colony as support ship.
2396.09.08: Jeff's daughter, Arienne, is born.
2397.07.05: Jeff performed the marriage between Matt Denebris and Alex Davis.
2397.07.18: Caught in a dreamstate, Jeff destroyed the Valkyrie, killing his good friend Captain PaRel. Later, he found out that it hadn't been real. The experiences however, were.
2397.12.11: Learned that Torn was still alive, took the Odyssey out to find him.
2397.12.31: The Odyssey, along with Jeff, was declared missing in action.
2398.07.14: The Odyssey returned after being captured for seven months. Its crew was tortured.
2398.07.31: Insects controlled by a Sident Abbot attacked the colony. The Abbot was captured in the end.
2398.12.24: Jeff finally asked Emily to marry him.
2399.04.13: Jeff and Emily get married.
2399.06.29: Jeff and Emily, along with PaRel, MacKenzie, Summers and Hequill, go missing on a planet. They experience 85 years of memories, while in reality, only a week has gone by.
2399.08.05: After psychological evaluation, Jeff and Emily have returned to Yeager Colony.
Psychological Profile
While Jeff does have empathic abilities, he has only recently begun to train them. In his early years, he never liked the idea of probing other people for information. He still doesn't like the idea, but he knows that sometimes, it's necessary. Whenever possible, he tries to control his empathic abilities, though.

In the Dominion Wars, Jeff older sister, Adriana, had been vaporized before Jeff's eyes. As a result, Jeff had a lot of nightmares about his sister vaporizing. When he attended the Betazoid Councelling Academy, Jeff underwent a telepathic treatment, to let Jeff come into contact with his buried feelings. It worked, but Jeff felt like he witnessed everything once again. He locked himself up in his room for 3 days, without food or water. It was his way of punishing himself, for not being able to safe his sister. After that, Jeff had accepted the death of his sister.

Even though he accepted it, he still thinks about his sister from time to time. He used to be afraid of picking up a phaser, since every time he would do that, the image of his sister flashed before his eyes. At the academy, when he had to go through phaser training, he couldn't fire his phaser, not even at holographic enemies. He just froze, and the academy instructors had to carry him out of the holosuite. It took him a day to recover. Because of this, Jeff almost didn't graduate from the academy. Fortunatly, Jeff found a way to relax himself, using a Betazoid technique called 'plexing'. It helped him to become calm, so that he could concentrate at the phaser training. Eventually, he made it.

Being in Command has caused Jeff to harden a bit, though. He has ordered to fire weapons, defending the Odyssey against an assault. The Odyssey was victorious, causing the enemy ship -and all the lifeforms on it- to be destroyed. While Jeff still detestes the loss of life, he understands that while in Command, it may be necessary to kill again. And for his crew and family, he would.

Jeff is very protective of his family. When a pregnant Emily was abducted by a Romulan agent, he ignored the chaos at Yeager Colony, and instead went after her, leaving the colony to fend for itself.
Specialties and Skills
Because Jeff is an empath, he can look at a person, and instantly see what mood that person is in. He can then react to that emotion, with the proper reaction. He's not fully trained as an empath, though. As a scientist, he is curious, and wonders about the way things work. If Jeff sets his mind to something, he usually doesn't stop until it is finished.
Hobbies and Interests
Jeff's idea of relaxing is sitting at the beach, watching the sun fade away into the sea. But he can be very active, if he wants to. When he gets the chance, he goes jogging, wherever he can. When he was on the USS Nexus, he began his days by getting up at 0600 hours, just to go jogging, until 0700 hours. In his days on Betazed, he had joined a local theatre group. He was quite good at acting, and he still likes to do it.

Of course, now that he, Emily and Arienne are a family, he tries to spend as much time with them as possible.
Jeff is only half Bajoran, but his father wanted him to have the same faith as all the other Bajorans. After the death of his elder sister, Jeff started to wonder if the prophets did exist. He is now very skeptical about it all. He does wear an earring, but only when he is off-duty. He does go to services, but he doesn't assume that everything that is being told there is the truth. He has a feeling he will find out for himself, one day.

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