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Starfleet Personnel Record for Vasa
Name: Vasa
Age: 61
Race: Hekaran
Gender: Female
Rank: N/A
Position: Colony Administrator, Yeager Colony
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black (but turnng grey)
Skin Color: Black
Height: 1.67
Weight: 58 kg
Played by: Ben Versteegt


Physical Appearance
Although not exceptionally tall, Vasa is nothing short of intimidating. Her eyes shine with a vigour that belies her age, and she is renowned for her famous stare that is rumoured to make even the most hardened Vulcan break under the stress. She has a characteristic ridge on her forehead and down the bridge of her nose, as do all Hekarans. Another characteristic of her race is the lack of hair just above the temples, and the slightly extended ears.
Vasa was born on Hekaras II in 2334 to an archaeologist and a linguist, who had met at an excavation project. It became clear quickly that Vasa would not follow in her parents' footsteps; even as a child, she was fascinated by her species' advances in warp drive. She wanted to be out there, to explore the galaxy, not study long-decayed rocks and forgotten languages like her parents. Her parents supported her wish, and when she enrolled into the Hekaran space academy, they couldn't be more proud.

Her headstrong, stubborn nature proved to be quite an asset at the space academy. Even when she failed an exam, she refused to be beaten, and tried again and again. She wanted to become an engineer in the Hekaran navy, or Starfleet even, in order to tinker with the warp engines which fascinated her so much. But no matter how hard she tried, she simply lacked the magic touch that is the trademark of a miracle engineer. She had her parents' sharp theoretical mind, however, and found that she had a knack for mathematics. So instead of becoming a reasonably well versed starship engineer, she decided to switch careers early on and become the best physicist her world had ever seen.

She enrolled into the Hekaran capitol's university and eventually graduated with a thesis on warp dynamics in the Hekaras Corridor, which she got published in a renowned scientific journal. From there, her career flourished. She started to work under the best and brightest scientists on the planet, as a research assistant at first, but later she became a researcher in her own right. At the relatively young age of 35, she started to teach at one of her planet's most distinguished universities – the one from which she herself had graduated. By that time, she had already published papers and books that found their way to many worlds in the Federation. She was well on her way to becoming the authority on warp and subspace dynamics related to the unique properties of the Hekaras Sector and the Hekaras Corridor.

In the year 2370, when she had just turned 36, disaster struck. For years, two Hekaran scientists, named Serova and Rabal, had been claiming that warp travel damaged subspace in the Hekaras Corridor, but their claims had always remained unproven. Vasa herself was an outspoken opponent of their theory, believing, as many scientists throughout the Federation did, that those theories were based on mere speculation. But in 2370, these two scientists turned out to be correct. In a final attempt to prove the theory, Serova set off a warp core breach which proved too much for the already unstable Hekaras Corridor to take. A subspace rupture formed, making warp travel within the Corridor a risky venture, and changing the climate on Hekaras II. With climate regulators from the Federation, the climate on her home world was quickly restored, but the same could not be said for her career as a scientist. It lay in shambles. She lost her job at the university, and publishers refused to publish her papers. She had been wrong to oppose Serova and Rabal, and she was punished severely for it.

In the years that followed, Vasa joined a large team of Federation scientists and engineers tasked with finding a way to make warp travel safe again. The team succeeded, and Federation ships were refitted to make sure they could fly around the galaxy at high warp again. But for the Hekaras Corridor, this help came too late. Many years of warp travel had destabilised the already unstable region of space. Even with the improved engines, the corridor would continue to destabilise. As a result, warp travel to and from Hekaras II was restricted and the Hekaras Corridor declared off-limits to ships travelling at warp. Only a handful of supply ships was allowed access. In effect, Hekaras II was now virtually cut off from the rest of the galaxy.

Vasa decided to dedicate the rest of her life to finding a solution to this problem. She was determined to develop a way to travel safely through the Hekaras Corridor towards her planet, without causing any more subspace ruptures. She spent many years flying from conference to conference, writing papers, and seeking out warp field experts to help her. She petitioned for Federation support, but although the Federation Council was willing to help her, she felt their help was not enough.

Just after the disaster in the Hekaras Corridor, when Vasa's life was at an all-time low, her travels took her to a conference on the planet Earth. There she met the man who would eventually become her husband: a human university teacher who specialised in geology. His name was Cyrus Quintin (or professor Q to his students). He helped her through the most difficult time in her life, when the feeling of guilt for opposing Rabal and Sarova finally hit her. The two fell in love, and in 2373, when Vasa was 39 and Cyrus 42, they got married. However, Vasa elected not to adopt Cyrus' last name Quintin, feeling that her having two names would perhaps alienate her from her own people, who knew her exclusively as Vasa. Secretly, however, she did enjoy being called Mrs. Quintin on occasion.

In 2393, Vasa was asked by Starfleet to join a project concerning Transwarp. She had not been part of the original team that worked on the Transwarp drive for the Calhoun, but now her help was needed all the same: apparently, the layer of subspace used by the Frontier Fleet's Transwarp engines intersected with a layer of subspace inhabited by creatures known as Transwarp aliens, resulting in many deaths on the part of the aliens. Vasa was asked to be part of a team tasked with adjusting the engines of the Frontier Fleet ships, to make them non-lethal to the Transwarp aliens. Vasa agreed to participate, but on one condition: she demanded that the Federation grant her all the manpower and resources needed to find a way to get ships at warp safely through the Hekaras Corridor.

Two years later, the Federation finally made good on their word. Vasa was put in charge as Director of a new colony situated at the edge of the Hekaras Corridor, where she could study the Corridor's unique properties to her heart's content. The colony housed a whole array of science laboratories and facilities, and many of the Federation's best scientists were sent there to work on the problem. But there was a catch. Instead of only looking for a way to make warp travel inside the Corridor safe again, the scientists at the colony were tasked with many other projects that the Federation Science Council wanted researched, from tetryon stability at sublight speeds, to experimental new Transwarp technology. Interesting subjects, to be sure. But for Vasa, they are mostly hindrances to the research she cares most about: research into the Hekaras Corridor.
Psychological Profile
Despite her age, Vasa considers herself still as feisty as she was when she was twenty. She can be very stubborn, almost pig-headed at times, and refuses to give up on a problem when she feels the solution is eluding her. Unlike many scientists, she tends to be able to multitask, but there is one task that she never loses sight of: her ongoing research into the Hekaras Corridor. She gets quite annoyed whenever she is disturbed for something trivial while she feels she is making progress in her research.

Vasa is very strict to just about everyone she meets. Perhaps this stems from her days as a university teacher. She has a special stare that frightens most people into submission, and having to deal with bureaucrats and meddling editorial boards for many years has only perfected the stare. Even though she hasn't been Director the colony for long, she is already known among the staff as a stern, unyielding woman with a mean stare everyone wants to avoid.

Her attitude towards her husband is a very different one. After many years of marriage, Cyrus has not only become her husband, but her best friend and confidant as well. She loves and trusts him implicitly and often comes to him for advise. She is immensely grateful to him for following her around half the galaxy and for giving up his job to be with her. She will never tell him that she's not so sure if she would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed...

Vasa sees Starfleet as a bunch of self-serving bureaucrats who always meddle in her work. For that reason, she holds Captain Torn in a very low regard and believes him to enjoy poking his nose in her research and bothering her about safety procedures. She does have to work with him, however, so she tries not to let her feelings about Starfleet interfere with her professional relationship with Captain Torn, but if it were up to her, Torn would be reassigned and out of her hair in seconds.
Specialties and Skills
Vasa is an expert on subspace emissions and warp dynamics, as well as on the unique properties of the Hekaras Corridor. In recent years, she has also become quite proficient at Transwarp theory, having assisted in redesigning the Frontier Fleet's Transwarp engines after the incident with the Transwarp Aliens. In short, anything from subspace field harmonics to Transwarp emissions lies within her field of expertise.

But like many scientists who have specialised in one area of expertise, her field of study is just about all she is really good at. She is a passable engineer, but only because she knows so much about warp drive. She knows hardly anything about strategic operations, having dropped out of the Hekaran space academy before she could complete the course on that subject. She has never fired a phaser in her life, and she has forgotten all but the most basic survival skills the space academy taught her. As Director of a Federation colony, she had to take a First Aid class, but she'd rather leave the real practice of medicine to qualified doctors, not just a doctor in physics. She is a terrible cook and leaves making meals up to her husband Cyrus, who loves to cook.
Hobbies and Interests
Besides everything related to warp theory, one of the things Vasa is good in, is teaching. She seems to have a knack for making difficult subjects clear to others, although she tends to get annoyed when people stop paying attention. She has always liked to teach, but science has always been at the top of her list of priorities. She also deeply loves her husband, with whom she can engage in long conversations about everything. They also frequently play chess together.

Her quest to find a way to make Hekaras II accessible for starships with warp drive again, has been the driving force behind all her decisions for the past twenty years. She has devoted her life to this cause, and she would give up everything – maybe even her marriage – to see her goal fulfilled. As for hobbies, what little free time she allows herself is spent in the loving company of her husband, Cyrus, who supports and comforts her. Besides playing chess together, they often go for long strolls or sit in their candle-lit living room discussing everything from literature to science.
Like the colony itself, much in this biography is based on the TNG episode "Force of Nature".

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