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Starfleet Personnel Record for Allison Saylor
Name: Allison Saylor
Age: 46
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Position: Liaison Officer, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Skin Color: White
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Played by: Susanne Andersson


Physical Appearance
She has short blond hair and dark blue eyes. She rarely pulls a comb through her hairr and when she does it, she does it quickly and in a hurry. There are more important things than appearance according to her.

She loves clothes, but has no sense of fashion. She also likes to wear jewelry when not on duty, but according to others she doesn’t have much of a taste there either.
Born in 2353 to two starfleet officers, Allison grew up on several different starships, including the USS Tecumseh, Merrimac and Valley Forge; wherever her parents were stationed.

Together with a younger sister she had an happy youth, until their mother with a unborn baby died in an early altercation with the Cardassians. Left behind was a broken family of suddenly only three and a father so consumed by grief that he all but forgot about his two surviving daugthers.

Despite all this, Allison always wanted to follow in her parents’ footsteps and did so in 2371 when she was accepted into the Academy. She entered in the engineering track, majoring in biological engineering and with a minor in biochemistry.

Her academy years were turbulent with the battle of sector 001 and the Dominion War always happening close by. She graduated in early 2375 with the war still raging and was assigned to the USS Galaxy as an engineering officer. The Galaxy participated in many of the final battles of the Dominion War, including the Battle of Cardassia.

Seeing the war up close had a profound effect on Allison. She lost several childhood friends during the entire war, as well as countless of her Academy friends, everyone just during the short time they served in the war after graduation.

As with many others her survivor's guilt was obvious and even though she continued to serve exemplary for another year after the war’s end she soon took a leave of absence to pursue other options.

Eventually, in 2377, she settled down on Vulcan after being invited by an early family friend and former professor. After much petition by him she decided to enter the Vulcan Science Academy and resign her commission from Starfleet. On Vulcan she quickly discovered that despite of both her parents being in engineering; science was her true passion.

During her first year of studies she was paired up with a geologist called Sokov. A strong connection grew between the two of them and after a tour on a Vulcan science vessel they finally let their friendship develop into something much more. They were married shortly thereafter and in 2381 she gave birth to their daugther.

She continued to live on Vulcan for several more years but in 2387 she temporarily left Vulcan to attend her sister’s graduation from Starfleet Academy. Back at earth, she rediscovered Starfleet’s possibilites, especially in the field of science and after much consideration together with her husband she decided to rejoin the fleet.

After recommendation by the Science Academy her commission was reinstalled and she was assigned to the USS Nova as a science officer. After a year of exemplary service onboard there she was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and transferred to the USS Zhukov, where Sokov and Selya joined her after a year.

The family stayed on the Zhukov for 4 years until Allison was promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Budapest as ACSO in 2392. There she remained for 2 and a half years before she was transferred to the USS Odyssey as their new CSO on 2394.03.13.

After a crashlanding and the crew being revered as gods for awhile the Odyssey returned to Earth on 2395.03.31. The day after Saylor was sent to Command School for once month followed by one month of practical training onboard the USS Epimetheus.

On 2394.05.25 the Odyssey crew stood trial for breaking the prime directive on the planet they had crashlanded on. Captain Jalando took full responsibility and was sentenced to teach the Prime Directive to young cadets in the Academy.

Lieutenant Saylor was then promoted to Lieutenant Commander and first officer of the Odyssey. Since her Captain was temporarily reassigned it was effectively a promotion to Acting Commanding Officer.

One day later she and the Odyssey were sent on a scientific mission with the Tri-Planetary Academy that lasted only a little over two months before transwarp become available again and they were sent on a longer deep space mission.

At 2394.12.13 that mission came to an end and the Odyssey returned to Pandora Station for shore leave but most importantly, getting their 'original' Captain back.

Saylor returned to the post she was intended for all along, First Officer and tried her best to settle down into the new command structure.

There were some definite tension and friction between Captain and First Officer for awhile but they eventually developed a very good working relationship

On 2396.01.10 that changed however when the USS Odyssey were reassigned permanently to Yeager Colony, leaving Saylor feeling trapped and unable to move forward in her career.

She requested a transfer and a few months after that she left for a new assignment.

The assignment was at first supposed to be at Starfleet Commander, as they apparently had not been happy with her having requested reassignment away from a Frontier Fleet ship.

However the position of first officer on the USS Atlantis opened up and needed refilling quickly and Saylor was only one available deemed qualified enough.

So from the first quarter of 2396 and onwards she has served as Atlantis' first officer and the ship itself has served as a test bed for experimental propulsion systems and later on, other systems as well.
Psychological Profile
After having lost her mother early in her life and her father lost to her by his own grief, Allison grew up with only her little sister to rely on, creating a unique bond between the two. A bond that still remains strong.

Her relationship with her father was for a long time very strained. She blamed her father for many things. Including her mother’s death and accused him of abandoning her and her sister. For many years they only drifted further and further apart with no reconciliation being foreseen. However since Allison’s marriage to Sokov and the birth of T'Seyla they have been nearing eachother again.

The Dominion war was a turning point for Allison. She had given Starfleet a second chance with her entry to the Academy after her mother’s death, but they failed to deliver again and as a result she eventually left.

On Vulcan she found peace and solace and a place where she could resolve her feelings without the interference of anyone else’s. She came to rely a great deal on her Vulcan friends, especially her future husband.

Despite this she has never attempted to adopt the Vulcan philosophy to control ones emotions as her own, since as she says “it would be illogical to do so.” She has instead adopted her own version of Vulcan logic, not quite like anything else.

She can be quite quirky due to this and often follows her own line of thoughts and her own ideas. Never to the point of insubordination however or where people question her professional work. She remains with a strict loyality code and a healthy adherence to regulation and protocols.
Specialties and Skills
She is quite proficient in the fields of biology and chemistry from her Starfleet Academy studies but her real specialty is now in that of physics. Anything from astro- and geophysics to the quantum mechanics of warp field theory.

She also retains a high engineering rating, particulary to her expertise in biotechnology, this especially includes the bio neural circuitry found on Intrepid class starships.
Hobbies and Interests
She likes to volunteer for engineering duty from time to time. She especially appreciates the repair work which can only be reached from Jefferies tubes. She says it’s the only excercise she enjoys and that it gives her valuble time to think and meditate.
She doesn't believe in the sedentry form of meditation which involves candles, scents and other...weird things as she says.

Enjoys a game of kal-toh every once in a while. She's really bad at it but since when has that stopped anyone?
Parents: Lieutenant Charlotte Saylor (deceased) and Commander Alan Saylor.

She remains in close contact with all of her surviving Academy classmates.


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