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Starfleet Personnel Record for Sally Simpson
Name: Sally Simpson
Age: 27
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Position: Stellar Cartography, Pandora Station
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1m72
Weight: 61 kg
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
Sally has got long, brown hair, and she lets it hang freely, most of the times. She isn't the best looking girl in the fleet, but to say that she is ugly, would also be an understatement. She is usually the one who is noticed in a crowd... mostly because she can talk her way out of most situations.
Sally grew up on earth. She had quite a normal life... Her father and mother both lived happy together, her older sister was married at the age of 24, and her younger brother was going to a pretty good highschool. As for herself... well, boys were attracted to her, when she was in school, but she never really got 'settled' with someone. She never let anyone get close to her. Not that she cared... she was busy with all kind of projects.

Mr. and Ms. Simpson sometimes were worried though. There weren't any real friends... sure, Sally took home quite a lot of dates... but she never got passed the 'liking the boys' phase. She never had any friends too... but that didn't stop Sally from studying at Earth's science academy. From there, she wanted to go to the stars.. see a supernova for real... etc. So she joined starfleet: another move that didn't make her popular with her parents. But still, she has always been able to talk herself out of things...

When she met Megumi Shogo though, things started getting different. For the better. She fell in love with this wonderful young woman, and in the process, learned that she had only been talking to others in order to feel safe.

The relationship between Sally and Megumi increased in intensity... and on stardate 2391.05.28, Sally took the final step: she proposed. Thankfully, Megumi said yes...

On Stardate 2391.06.25, Sally and Megumi got married. It was the ceremony which made their love of each other official. . . and for the whole universe to see. Their life together had just begun.

After some careful consideration, both decided that they wanted to have children. The more Sally thought about it, the more enthusiastic she became. So both Simpsons went to the Doctor, who put both Sally's DNA together with Megumi's DNA in one of Sally's eggcells, and then put it back in her womb. Now, Sally is with child. . .

On the 2nd of May, 2392, she gave birth... not of one child, but of four. Cheryll, Lydia, Sakura and Mayumi. The life of both scientists changed dramatically with four young children to take care of. The quadruplets couldn't have asked for better mothers though. It was tough, but both Sally and Megumi grew in their role as parents.

Now, they're a loving family, with their children growing out of the baby phase, into the toddler phase, bringing along with it new challenges and possibilities.
Psychological Profile
Sally likes to talk. By talking to other people, she gets a feeling of friendship... or trust. This feeling has taken the place of the feeling of true friendship.. Therefore, by talking, she thinks that everyone will just like her... Too bad for Sally, that most people actually don't like her babbling...

A few years ago, Sally and Megumi Shogo, a fellow Stellar Cartographist, formed a real friendship. This caused Sally to see the world in a different way, then she did before. She realized that she doesn't actually have friends... except Megumi...

It didn't take long, for Sally and Megumi to take a big, and risky, step: they fell in love, and declared their love to each other. Both women deeply love each other... and Sally just knows their love will never end. They got married, and ultimately had children. And their love only grew stronger because of it.
Specialties and Skills
She is a scientist. She has always been interested in stellar phenomena, and therefore studied stellar cartography. Somehow, she has never started seeing a 'common' phenomenon as 'normal'. Every time she sees a... let's say supernova, she is in awe... the sheer beauty of the stellar phenomenon overwhelms her...

Sally isn't much of a fighter. Though the likes the thrill of an adventure, she hates armed conflict, and will avoid it if she can.
Hobbies and Interests
Besides watching stellar phenomena, she also enjoys a walk in the park, and socializing. She likes to talk to people... get to know them. However, meeting Shogo and falling in love with her made her realise that simply talking to people is fun sometimes, but it is not enough. Recently, she stopped socializing that much, since she discovered that she only talked to these people to make herself feel better.

She does still like to walk in the park though... and she and Megumi are busy thinking about sports or other activities they can do together
The friendship with Megumi changed something in Sally. How this will affect her, nobody knows. (well, maybe I do.. <G>)

Sally was born at 2367.12.14.

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