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Starfleet Personnel Record for Jan MacInnis
Name: Jan MacInnis
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Rank: N/A
Position: Civilian, USS Calhoun
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: white
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110
Played by: Kelley Mackinnon


Physical Appearance
Jan is that quiet girl that sits in the back of the class. Choosing usually to have her dark brown hair tyed back, she wears mostly dark clothing that hides her body.
Jan was born and rasied in San Fransico with her sister, Crystal and her father, her mother died shortly after Jan was born. Jan's father, who already suffered from Bi-Polar desease slowly withdrew from his children, only coming out every so often. When he did it was usually in an abusive manner. Because she looked so much like her mother Jan bore the brunt of her fathers pain and abuse. When she was 14 her father was arrested and Jan was then raised by her older sister Crystal, who was already in Star Fleet acadmey. Crystal too Jan to Deep Space nine for a short period of time before she was assigned to the Calhoun. Again Jan went with her sister to the deep regions of space.

When Jan graduated high school she moved to the Delta One where she introduced the inhabitants to her own style of rock/dub. She had produced two albums and is widely respected as a singer song writer and has a regular appearance on the stage at Stan and Dans.
Psychological Profile
When not on the stage, Jan is on the borderline of being an introvert. She throws herself into her musicand tried her best to ignore everything else.

Jan hates her father for obvious reasons. She is seeing a counsellor with her sister regarding the mental damage her father cause. Jan is highly claustrophobic, her father most common form of punishment being to lock her in a small shed at the back of the house.
Specialties and Skills
Jan graduated a grade A student with a bright future a head of her.

Jan has an amazing singing voice and has recorded many records
Hobbies and Interests
Jan enjoys singing, at every chance she gets. She usually writes a song as one would write an entry into a journal.
Jan has taken up a room in the back of Stan and Dans where she lives and recirds her music. Stan fancies himself her manager and Jan pretty much lets him.

After many trials and tribulations Jan and Ray are now living together though Ray at times works on the calhoun or other ships as he is a talented engineer.

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