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Starfleet Personnel Record for Wahlis
Name: Wahlis
Age: 12
Race: Trill
Gender: Male
Rank: N/A
Position: Civilian, Pandora Station
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 112 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Played by: Rob Versteegt


Physical Appearance
Wahlis has grown up to be a teenager... a young teenager, but still. He's no longer a small boy, but he's certainly not a man either. He spends lots of time each morning making sure his hair looks the way he wants it to: as if he hadn't done anything to it at all.

His most prominent features are his Trill spots. He is very proud of those, and doesn't want anyone to touch them.
Wahlis has been born in the year 2385, on Pandora Station. He's been here all his life, and doesn't want to go anywhere else. His parents really care about him, but they are both Starfleet Officers, so that means that, without anyone to look after him, he's often alone. Either that, or he's in school, with a friend, or simply wondering through the corridors of Pandora Station.

Recently, he's been walking through the decks of the Promenade even more, checking out other places besides the park.
Psychological Profile
Wahlis likes a prank. Only when it's done to others, of course. And mostly when he's doing it.
If he isn't busy preparing the next joke, he sometimes hangs around the public observatory, where he can see the various ships coming and going. He especially likes smaller ships and shuttlecraft.

He does things, because either he likes to do that, or because he has to do that. He doesn't respond well to 'have to' though... and he usually shows that by being stubborn. And when Wahlis is stubborn, he really is stubborn!
Specialties and Skills
Wahlis loves to run through the park, or walk around the station. He's lived here for so long: he knows all the secret corridors and hiding places that there are.
Hobbies and Interests
Wahlis and his Andorian friend K'Chaa can often be found around the station pulling pranks on others. They usually get in trouble for it too... but it's harmless, innocent fun. According to them, anyway.
Wahlis is a 12 year old boy, (birthday is on the 23rd of September) and I play him in that way. So don't feel offended if Wahlis runs away from your character because he doesn't want to talk to him/her anymore... it's just how he is. ;-)

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