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Starfleet Personnel Record for Henry Wyatt
Name: Henry Wyatt
Age: 901
Race: El Aurian
Gender: Male
Position: Quartermaster, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: White
Skin Color: White
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200 lbs
Played by: Aaron DeLay


Physical Appearance
Henry is old and dresses as such.
Born in 1499. His original name was Tarasa Kellois. His parents fled their home world in 1599 after being accused of using the power of their people to their advantage. They traveled the galaxy as Tarasa learned of the powers of his people.

1800: His parents were at the end of their lives. After searching the stars it was decided Earth was the best place to settle. After transporting to the planet they sent their ship to burn in the sun. They lived on the plains of Colorado on a small farm.

1849: Tarasa's parents pass. He burns their bodies and sells the farm.

Lived in New York City from 1850 to 1890 under the name Patrick Lawton. Worked first as a reporter and then editor at The New York Times. Left New York in 1891.

1891 to 1911: Traveled to The United Kingdom and lived and worked various jobs.

April 10th 1912: boards RMS Titanic. Is listed as missing and then classified as dead. Patrick Lawton's name ends here.

1913: Surfaces in New York City and begins work at Union Station under the name Peter Adelstein. Adopts the Jewish religion and lineage.

1915: Becomes Press Secretary/Spokesperson for Union Station.

1930: Retires and travels to Europe, eventually taking up residence in Germany. Begins work in manufacturing and industrial works. Eventually becomes an employee of Oskar Schindler. Is one of the many saved by Schindler's list.

1945: WW II ends and Peter Adelstein vanishes. A missing person report is filed and he is declared dead one year later. Peter Adelstein's name ends here.

1955: Returns to the United Kingdom under the name Albert Foyle. Works as a clerk in the Home Office. Eventually is promoted to Deputy Press Secretary with responsibilities of working with the office of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Serves until the death of Churchill in 1965.

1966:Leaves The United Kingdom and travels to Australia. Is taken in by the Aboriginals. Is reportedly found dead in the outback. Albert Foyle's name ends here.

2000: Returns to the United States and begins work with the New York Port Authority under the name Michael Woodstein.

September 11th, 2001: Survives. Quietly fades away. Becomes a homeless man living on the streets. Goes off the grid. Michael Woodstein's body is reportedly processed through the local morgue. Death ruled a suicide. Michael Woodstein's name ends here.

Not much is known of Wyatt's 229 missing years. He is documented in the records of various shelters and homeless assistance programs until 2020. He has never spoken of what occurred between 2020 and 2230. Some word of mouth legends has him residing on a far flung Pacific Island or two but there is nothing concrete to back these spotty claims.

2230: Resurfaces in San Francisco with the name Henry Wyatt. Using his vast amounts of accumulated wealth, a few well placed pressure points and some genuine blackmail he is given a new identity. Begins work for various newspapers.

2235: Serves as a news Editor until 2240.

2240: Enlists in Starfleet. Serves with high and valued distinction on several Starfleet ships and stations.

2245: After five years, is afforded Master Chief Petty Officer due to extensive knowledge across all studies, programs and departments. Assigned to USS Enterprise.

2245 to 2285 - Served aboard the USS Enterprise from launch to destruction as one of her Master Chief Petty Officers. Post 2285 Wyatt vanishes from all records.

From 2286 to 2398 Henry Wyatt is drawn to and then trapped on a prison planet. He marries a local woman and has children. He becomes a judge with a righteous streak. He runs up against organized crime. His wife is killed and children poisoned. He retreats to a small township outside the main city and continues his work as a judge there.

2398.01.04- Henry runs into the crew of the USS Valkyrie and once they left their planetary prison, he was allowed to return to Earth and assume the role of CEO of Harris Transport.

2399.01.12 - Accepted re-enlistment as Master Chief Petty Officer with Admiral Robert Baine. Assigned the role of Chief Starfleet Press Secretary in the wake of The Sident attack on Earth.

2400.05.31 - Reassigned to the USS Pathfinder as Quartermaster. Retains rank.
Psychological Profile
A good man who is patient. Unpredictable and a force to be reckoned with when the cards are down.

Henry is a good man. He's done the bad, the good and the ugly in his life - and he has found he prefers the good. There's not much of a filter on his mouth and it requires great effort on his part to speak his peace fully.

Specialties and Skills
Can see past, present and a varying amount of futures. Not precise.
Hobbies and Interests
History, hilariously enough.
Throughout history he has interacted with large historical moments - but has ensured that he does not influence or have a major, minor or any part in the direction of this specific points in time. He listens, watches and records. He is only given to interacting when the critical points in history are underway - he is allowed to help steer moments in hopes of improving the future.

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