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Starfleet Personnel Record for Jyll Tana
Name: Jyll Tana
Age: 33
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Position: Security Officer, Yeager Colony
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Blond
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1.69 m
Weight: 68 kg
Played by: Bram P


Physical Appearance
See picture (by Merijn)
Birthdate: 2367.04.11

Jyll Tana was born on Terok Nor during the final years of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. Both her parents worked as slaves in the space station's uridium ore processing plants.
Tana's mother didn't live to see the end of the Occupation; she died less than a year after giving birth to Tana.

When the Occupation ended in 2369, Tana and her father moved to Bajor.

Tana's relationship with her father wasn't very good and in 2385, after an argument when her father told her he was going to marry another woman, Tana left Bajor and travelled to several planets before ending up at Earth.

In 2386 she enrolled into Starfleet Academy.
Tana graduated in 2390 and was assigned to Deep Space 9 for about a year, but because of the proximity to her father it didn't take long before she requested a transfer.

In April 2391 she was assigned to the USS Valkyrie, but after several long conversations over subspace with her father's new wife and later with her father as well, she took a leave of absence of several months to return to Bajor.

Tana returned to active duty in May 2392 when she was assigned to the USS Odyssey.

In October 2392 Tana became somewhat romantically involved with Alan Nerell, but around New Year she decided to resign from Starfleet, because she felt like joining Starfleet 6 years earlier had been a mistake: she had joined Starfleet only because she had been on the run from her past.

In January 2393, when her resignation was not official yet, Tana returned to the Odyssey temporarily to help out during an emergency on Tarakana II.

After that mission, she returned to Bajor and lived with her father and his wife for a few weeks, but Tana quickly grew restless and got a job aboard a Bajoran cargo ship. This didn't last long either and Tana decided to return to what she knew she was good at.

Starfleet (and especially Captain Seth Kane) was initially wary about Tana's request to return to Starfleet, but the request was granted and she was assigned to Pandora Station. She worked hard to prove herself to her superiors (and Captain Kane) and in December 2393 she was promoted to Lt. Junior Grade.

Early 2394 she returned to the USS Odyssey as a security officer.
Psychological Profile
Specialties and Skills
Hobbies and Interests
Lieutenant JG Jyll Tana is Bajoran, so Jyll is her family name, which means she usually would be called Lt. Jyll, *not* Lt. Tana ;-)

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