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Starfleet Personnel Record for Yul Kayunde
Name: Yul Kayunde
Age: 43
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Position: Executive Officer, Pandora Station
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Black
Height: 6ft 4in
Weight: 163 lbs
Played by: Benjamin Ditch


Physical Appearance
A slim man with the face of a charmer. He used to wear long black dreadlocks, but had them cut following the Sident conflict.
Yul Kayunde was born in 2357 in Montego Bay, on the carribean island of Jamaica. His father, an industrial engineer, encouraged his young son to try and follow him in his footsteps and join the family business.

He worked with his father in constructing industrial replicators for Starfleet. At age 10, however,tragedy struck the family, as his uncle, Derice Kayunde, became one of the 11'000 victims of the Battle of Wolf 359. His death affected Yul's father badly and the growing man had to watch as his father killed himself by growing an addiction to a drug called 'weed'.

At age 18, when his father died, Yul left Jamaica and journeyed to San Fransisco to visit his uncle's surviving shipmates. These people encouraged him to enlist in Starfleet.

After six months training, he was assigned to the USS Hammersley, a Saber-class starship, under the command of Captain Godber. This ship was then assigned to the Federation assault fleet which was sent into the fateful Second Battle of Chin'toka.

Here, the Hammersley was disabled by the Breen's subspace weaponry and was pelted with weapons blasts from the Dominion fleet. It was here that Crewman Kayunde, despite having a broken arm, managed to rescue the severely-injured Captain Godber and carry him to an escape pod.

Following this escape, the dying Captain Godber summoned him his bedside, and, with his dying breath, gave Kayunde a field commission with the rank of Ensign. This commission was later confirmed by Starfleet Command following Godber's death, as they were desperately short of officers.

After his recovery, Yul volunteered for duty aboard the new USS Defiant (formerly USS Sao Paulo) and served as a security officer on board during the final conflict of the Dominion War, during which he received grevious injuries and was confined to the Mess Hall.

After the war ended, Yul attended Starfleet Academy for full officer training and graduated in 2380 with and was assigned to the USS Kingston as a conn officer. He served on the ship for six years before being offered a promotion and a transfer to the USS Magellan, which, he of course, accepted.

He served on the Magellan with distinction, and climbed the ranks quickly until he reached the rank of Lt. Commander, when he received news of his mother's imminent death, forcing him to take an extended leave of absence from Starfleet. He returned home to Montego Bay, Jamaica, where he remained until his mother's death and burial. Afterwards, upon seeing his father's former business in serious trouble at the hands of it's unscrupulous new owners, Yul resigned his commission and bought back the family business.

It was during this time, he met Karin, a woman from Niedersachen, Germany who helped change his life, and the woman he eventually married. He and Karin lived in Jamaica for the next seven years, until two Starfleet officers arrived at his business and handed him his reactivation papers. All of a sudden, Yul Kayunde was back in Starfleet.

Upon arrival at Starfleet Headquarters, he was told that he was recalled because of the chronic shortage of officers following the Dominion War, and that a first officer was needed badly on Pandora Station. He was also informed that it came with a promotion to Commander and he would have to leave immediately.

Therefore, the newly minted Commander and his wife had to leave their business and board the next transport vessel to Pandora Station, where their new adventures began.

However, upon arrival, it was discovered that his promotion was unauthorised and was annulled by Starfleet Command. This caused him a lot of frustration and left him uncertain as to whether he was recalled to duty legally or not.

Sadly, it turned out that he wasn't and was discharged from Starfleet service. Yul then returned home to his civilian life; running the family business.

Three years later, at age 41, Yul was contacted by a friend of the family, Commander Bunker Briggs, who offered him a posting as Executive Officer aboard Pandora Station. Despite being a little wary of Starfleet, due to his past experience, he agreed to take the posting, on the condition that he receive, in writing, confirmation that this recall to duty was legal.

He remained as Executive Officer for the next two years, under the command of Bunker Briggs, then Edward Luther and after that Captain Seth Kane. Although Pandora Station was not involved in the Sident Crusade of 2399, it had a psychological effect on everyone, including Yul. As a result, he cut of his distinctive dreadlocks and opted for a more shorter, professional haircut.
Psychological Profile
Yul Kayunde is a laid back individual with a habit of playing the occassional practical joke on an unsuspecting individual. This has, somewhat, made his colleagues a little wary of him.

He is, however, mindful of what drugs can do to someone, due to his father's death. He doesn't want anyone else to go through what he did.
Specialties and Skills
Acquired knowledge of the workings of the Industrial Replicator systems, allowing him to make even complicated repairs if needed.

Experienced pilot and navigator with a knack of pulling off evasive maneuvers whilst in tight corners.
Hobbies and Interests
Building 'pushcarts', which he drove in his youth along Jamaican roads.

Jogging around tropical environments, as they remind him of home.

Yul Kayunde gets a slight twinge of pain in his arm from time to time, in the general location of the break which occurred at Chin'toka in 2375.

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