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Starfleet Personnel Record for Karissa Emmerich
Name: Karissa Emmerich
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Position: Assistant CONN/Helmsman, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: White
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 lbs
Played by: Kelley Mackinnon


Physical Appearance
Karissa is a small timid looking girl who keeps her hair short tidy.
Karissa was born in a small town called Belleville on Earth. She and her parents remained there until she was five when her father, a science officer, was reassigned to Captain the Federation science vessel Einstein. Her mother was the Chief of Science Officer.

She grew up homeschool with the five other children that were on the vessel.

Despite showing a slight aptitude in engineering Karissa decided she had more fun flying. She spent most of her spare time in the holoroom teaching herself to pilot small single engine plane and slowly moved on to bigger planes and even helicopters. By the time she was finished high school she was flying Federation ships in simulations.

She joined Star Fleet as was practically ordained and did very well. While not top of her class, she was leader of the elite precision flight team and lead them in the graduation fly by.

Karissa was assigned to the USS Pinnacle where she strove to not get notice by anyone, but her skill has a pilot did not give her a chance.

The Captain had written her up for a commendation after she had calmly piloted the ship through an attack after they had accidently stumbled upon a black market trade. Her commendation resulted in a promotion and she was transferred to the USS Valkyrie to serve as the Assistant Chief of Con until they were able to fill the spot, which she really hoped they did quickly.
Psychological Profile
Karissa suffers from a large lack of self-confidence and is extremely shy. She appears to be a loner and likes to be alone to avoid hurting people or being hurt in return. Part of this was a result of her parents smothering her as a child. She never learned how to develop relationship on her own. She has a tendency to say stupid thing and stutters slightly with new people or people with dominating wills. She questions herself constantly.

She will tend to stay in her quarters when not working, doing so to avoid having to talk to others and making a fool of herself. She enjoys reading and playing the violin when she needs to calm her nerves.
Specialties and Skills
Karissa is an exceptional pilot and an average engineer. He only hobby other then reading is to play the violin, which she does when she is extremely stressed.
Hobbies and Interests
She enjoyed the Violin and listening to music.
Mother: Tanya
Father: Peirce
Fiance Robert

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