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Starfleet Personnel Record for Dr. Jordan Reid (Harris)
Name: Dr. Jordan Reid (Harris)
Age: 35
Race: Human Betazoid
Gender: Female
Position: Medical Officer, USS Pathfinder
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110 lbs
Played by: Aaron DeLay


Physical Appearance
Jordan is average height and weight. Has a girl next door look plus a little more.
Originally assigned to the USS Calhoun as a medical officer. She had a relationship with Chief Tactical Officer John Hart before finding herself involved with Chief Engineer Ambrose Harris. She served on the Calhoun until the middle of 2393 when she followed her husband to Earth upon his departure from the USS Calhoun.

In four years Jordan returned to the Academy to put herself on the fast track for command within the medical track. After two years of refining and finishing her training as a Doctor in the halls of learning, she was assigned to various posts in the fleet.

Reid has grown up over the past three years with each assignment tougher than the last. Her time away from her husband hasn't been easy on either of them but they've made it work.

Doctor Neran Reid - Jordan's father is a powerful and full Betazoid who resides on Betazed.

Her mother was unknown. Presumed Human but possible Human Vulcan.

Born 2364.01.01 on Betazed
Left Betazed at age of 18 in 2382
Traveled with her father from 2382 to 2386
Entered Starfleet Academy 2386 at age 22
Graduated Starfleet Academy 2390
Originally Assigned to USS Calhoun - 2390.11.15
Returned to Calhoun - 2397.11.07
Assigned to Yeager 2399.01.01
Psychological Profile
Reid isn't the same Jordan that stepped off the Calhoun of four years ago. Having a front seat to life and death in her every day job duties has toughened her up and given her a hard dose of reality that exists even in advanced galaxy.

Jordan is oddly old school, prefers to treat with conversation first and takes her sickbay a bit too seriously for some. Negative feedback from her previous assignments highlighted the stubborn refusal to do things the normal way all the time.

She's also pessimistic at times and can have a dark humor that finds her in more trouble than she intends.
Specialties and Skills
Medical. Some psychology training. Triage. Disaster training.

She is a human/betazoid and thus given to extraordinary talents in empathetic readings of those around her.
Hobbies and Interests
After returning to the Academy, Reid discovered she enjoyed playing the piano and has developed several holoprograms around it, to her husbands chagrin.

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