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(| Physiology |)
The Trill are made up of at least two races, those of the ridged forehead, like Odan, and those like Jadzia, with a narrow speckled band running along the hairline to the sides of the neck, then down along the body. Also native to Trill are symbionts, sentient beings whose bodies are a foot long purplish lump of cranial and exoskeletal tissue.

Trill humanoids have life spans similar to those of Humans.

Some symbionts are susceptible to damage by transporter beams. The symbiont carries memories of times shared with each host.

There is a drug that will allow a host to live after a symbiont is removed, but the host's mind is destroyed.

At Peliar Zel, the Trill can have a replacement body on hand for Odan in 40 hours; he will last only 1-2 hours in stasis, and a human body makes a temporary but limited host.

Some Trill suffer from brain disorders that don't respond to even the most advanced Federation medicines. Their neural chemistry is complicated by their ability to join. The same characteristics that allow them to bond with symbionts also leaves them susceptible to debilitating brain disease. This faculatitive disorder can cause dissociative catatonia, in which the patient is just a few steps up from a persistent vegetative state.
(| History |)
The Trill are native to the planet Trillius Prime.

Trill is governed by a ruling council. Trill tradition once demanded that joined men rule the council.

The Butcher of Balin was famous murderer on Trill, that lived centuries ago. They believed at the time that he had been possessed by evil spirits.

Vulcans were the first aliens that the Trill had contact with in the 2043. After the first contact with the Vulcans, Trill composed a message to send to other alien vessels stating that Trill did not want contact with outsiders, and that all alien ships were asked to bypass the planet, because they were afraid the aliens posed a threat to the symbionts.

In 2063, the Trill were contacted by the L'Dira, who had a ship in orbit. They wanted acelon, a mineral found on Trill. When negotiations took too long, the L'Dira took the mineral by force, killing 55 Trill. Following the incident the message to avoid Trill was discarded, and a Vulcan diplomat was asked to come and share knowledge on aliens.

In the 23rd century, a comet was detected entering the Trill system, and a life sign was discovered in a cavern on the comet. Starfleet showed the data to Trill scientists, who recognized the bio-sign as that of a symbiont. At this time, the existance of symbionts was still kept secret, so the Trill conducted their own study without the assistance of Starfleet. They initially believed this would prove that the symbionts were not native to Trill, but they discovered the creature was not a symbiont, although it was a close on a genetic level. Unlike symbionts, the creature dominated it's host. It called itself "the Taker of Gist". The creature was destroyed, and all information regarding it was hidden or destroyed by the Trill.

In the 23rd century, the Trill had a technological exchange agreement with the Federation.

The Trill became members of the United Federation of Planets in 2285.
(| Society |)
Five thousand candidates qualify for the Trill initiate training program each year, but only 300 symbionts are available on average. Trill initiates undergo training with a field docent. All joined Trill serve as a field docent at one time or another. A bad recommendation from their field docent can end an initiate's hopes of receiving a symbiont.

The Evaluation Board at the Symbiosis Institute evaluates potential hosts, however once a host and symbiont are joined, there's not much they can do if there is a problem.

Since the symbiont integrates each new host's personality with its own after joining, Trill relationships are often hard for other species to deal with and sometimes don't survive the change.

Legal and medical decisions regarding antecedent host culpability for past crimes are almost nonexistent.

It is customary for Trill to submit to a Symbiosis Evaluation on their 12th birthday. It is a series of preliminary screening tests to see if they are candidates for joining.

Murder is rare on Trill, and it is believed that the only ones who murder are the unjoined.

According to the Symbiosis Commission, an unsuitable host would reject his or her symbiont in a matter of days. It happened, but rarely. Even more uncommon was the symbiosis that birthed a monster – a darkness within the host being brought to the foreground, a creature that was the direct consequence of the joining. At the time of Joran Dax's crimes, only 4 such instances were ever known to occur.

At one time, the Trill practiced capital punishment. Four hundred years ago, Trill authorities used a needle shaped tool, called a Sh'uk for executions. It was a quick and relatively painless death.
(| Food & Drink |)
Citrus blend is common foodstuff consumed by Trill. Replicators are often unable to reproduce a decent copy of it.

Syto beans are a Trill foodstuff.
(| Trillius Prime |)
Mak'ala is the capital of Trillius Prime. There approximately 650 million Trill humanoids living on Trillius Prime, and approximately 11 million symbionts.

The wind blown icy cliffs of Tenara, and the southern ocean are locations on the planet Trillius Prime. Ganses Peninsula is a Peninsula on Trillius Prime. Bes Manev is Trill's highest mountain, and it is located in the far east. Gheryzan is a city on Trill's eastern hemisphere. The hospital there has a mental ward.

Kem'alta Institute is a Trill scientific institution, that has a xenobiology department. Devritane Museum is a Museum that is located on Trill. Tenaran Music Academy is a musical school located on Trill. There is a cafe at the edge of the campus common that is called St'alsa.

Acelon is a rare pearlscent material found deep withing ice caves on Trill. It is a mineral that is black in it's natural state. Polishing is an expensive process.
(| Music |)
Trill bell music is a music form that originated on Trill.
(| Notes |)
Trill surnames follow their given names, as Earth names do. However, once joined, a host will replace their surname with the symbiont's name.

Gedana post is a Trill base.

The Lida orchard is type of Trill tree.

The Trill Embassy on Earth is located in Nagano, Japan. It was established before the Trill joined the Federation.
(| New Info |)
Trill have cold hands. Joined Trill tend to look on romance as a nuisance, and a weakness of the young. They wish to live on a higher plane, and try to rise above the temptations. Sometimes Trill friendships donÂ’t survive a new joining because of the change. (DS9: A Man Alone)

Hosts do not become joined until their early to mid 20s to give the host time to develop and mature. They have to be old enough to make an informed decision about whether they really want to be joined. It is a blending of host and symbiont, neither is suppressed by the other. The symbiont and the host are biologically interdependent. Ninety-three hours after theyÂ’ve joined neither can survive without the other. An analysis of the brain waves of a joined Trill indicates that they are distinctly different from those of previous lives. There are two cerebral nuclei, one in the symbiont and one in the host that are linked together, and function as one. The competition to become a host is very strong. It is considered a great honor. Candidates are tested in many ways including psychological tests to determine strength of character of the prospective host. Academics, character, psychological stability are all tested. The symbiont carries memories of times shared with each host. (DS9: Dax)

Joined Trills are very allergic to insect bites. The biological connections between the host and symbiont can't tolerate insect bites. (DS9: The Siege)

Only one Trill in ten is chosen to be joined. An improper joining can cause permanent psychological damage to both the symbiont and the host. Once a symbiont is removed the host usually dies within hours. Shooting a Trill with a phaser, even on stun setting, risks killing the symbiont. (DS9: Invasive Procedures)

Contributed by: Clare Bradley
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