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ST Frontier Fleet
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ST Frontier Fleet, a quality PBeM experience for 13 years, 7 months and 24 days

Parental Guidance is suggested.
Science-Fiction Genre Chat facilities Forum facilities No lurkers allowed A part of the Startrek Websites
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Archer: Why the hell was it encrypted?
Trip: That's what I want to know! Maybe Vulcans encrypt all their personal letters. All they had to do was send it through regular channels, mark it personal and we'd have left it alone, but no they had to encrypt it, force me to start snooping. I feel like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar.
Archer: Let it go, Trip. I mean, come on, it was an honest mistake.
Trip: I can't let it go. I got to tell her.
Archer: How's that going to help?
Trip: It's the right thing to do. At least I'll be able to look her in the eye without feeling guilty.
Archer: You're a good man. You might want to take a phase-pistol with you.
Trip: I might need one.
        -- ST Enterprise, "Breaking the Ice"
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